A small step up in women's clothing
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I am looking for recommendations for well made, semi-inexpensive clothing. I was really surprised by how much nicer amazon essentials t-shirts were than my Target woman's t-shirt staples. I am looking for similar swaps.

Really, I've haven't bought too much clothing in the last almost ten years, so obvious new recommendations are great. I am hoping for casual or business casual women's clothing that is of pretty good quality for a reasonable price. I am hard on my clothes (lab work, young messy child), so a few beautiful pieces would likely get destroyed accidentally in short order. I am average height, size 8ish, open to suggestions. Amazon favorites or real store recommendations are both welcome.
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Uniqlo clothes, in my experience, last years longer than Target. I bought a bunch of Target Brand New Day long sleeved shirts a year ago and they are super pilly. Uniqlo on the other hand really holds up. The downside is that their store locations are more spread out.
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Depending on the quality of the brand you buy... Nordstrom Rack. Since you can get some nice, better quality brands for much less. For example I got some True Religion jeans that lasted for YEARS (and were still okay but didn't fit) for less than half the price. You can shop online or in store. I like the Halogen brand they carry. Keep an eye out for their "clear the rack" extra 25% off clearance.
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I like Everlane for this (though I'd definitely say that not all their offerings are "inexpensive.")
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Another idea might be Goodwill. I went in last week and post-Marie Kondo, it was full of amazing items. It is one way to get higher quality clothes on a budget.
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Seconding Everlane and thrift stores.
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Depending on what you think "reasonable" price includes, eShakti has a terrific selection of casual-to-business-casual clothing, mostly dresses but some jumpsuits and pants. Their clothes are made to fit (either standard sizes or, for an extra $10, to your exact measurements) and require your height before they make it, so their knee-length skirts are actually knee length.
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There are a few consignment sites that are picky about quality and feature high-end brands. Usually, the clothes are well-made with good quality materials, and about a third of retail prices.
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I have been appreciating the quality and not-too-expensiveness of Talbots. Their clothing feels well made (even after a few years of regular wear).
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Good recommendations here, but if you're looking on Amazon specifically, I've been pretty impressed with the Amazon Daily Rituals label. I have this dress in a few different colors, and it's as comfy as a nightgown, but can pass for winter business casual with boots, leggings, and a drapey cardigan or pretty scarf. It's not something I expect to have in my wardrobe 5 years from now, but I don't have to think about it and can throw it in the wash with the rest of our stuff when it gets baby spit on it.
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This is not business casual, but I am sitting here in one of my two pairs of Lands End Active Yoga Pants and realizing how much I wear them and how they are still in fantastic shape. They have a 40% off sale practically every other week. I wash on cold and dry on low and they look as good as they did 3 years ago.
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For casual - if you're willing to overpay, the quality of Lululemon is fantastic. The Shambala line from Marks (Work Warehouse, formerly) is pretty quality at a reasonable price. The 100-washes yoga pants are fantastic.
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