Hiking in Big Sur after the rains?
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We’re going to Big Sur for the holiday weekend. We’ve been following the updates on Hwy 1 and our route is still accessible, hooray. But a lot of the trails we were interested in (Tanbark specifically) are closed. Where should we go that’s still open?

We are beginner hikers (mostly quite easy day hikes that take under two hours) but in relatively good shape. We were going to use this weekend to up our game and take on something more challenging— go out for half a day or the whole day, bring food along, etc. We had kind of “loosely” planned a couple medium difficulty hikes but it appears from the internet that they’re mostly closed due to the rains.

It looks like the weekend will be fairly dry, so hopefully no further closures. But if you have experience hiking in the area, what are your favorite trails that fit the bill? Mostly looking for trails open this weekend, but if you want to let us know of a great hike for later that’s fine too. Thanks!
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Other great stuff to do in the area would be fun to hear about too, especially if we end up hiking less due to “conditions.” We’ll be coming down from the north and are currently considering stopping in Monterey.
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ventanawild has trail reports that may help you choose , The cone peak trail has been on my bucket list for a while now .
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Too easy to meet your difficulty requirements, but I like Point Lobos and Limekiln State Park a lot for hiking. I haven't heard anything about Limekiln being closed; Point Lobos did close and it's unclear whether it's reopened or not.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is great, of course.
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Honestly, I've never been disappointed by hikes along that area, and there are a TON of trails. If all else fails, you can wander around Point Lobos (which looks to be open - their website currently lists guided walks on Jan. 18 and 19, 2019). There is/was also a fun little whaler's cabin museum (Yelp page, last review was in 2015).
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I was just there in December, and we had a lovely time at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park after our desired hike was also closed off further down highway 1. We started with their short nature trail which takes you through their redwood grove, and then hiked up to Buzzard’s Roost which is a mostly uphill slog but worth it for the phenomenal view at the top.

Enjoy your time—I have been to many a beautiful place, but I think Big Sur is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.
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My husband and I camped in Big Sur a couple years ago and I fondly remember this trail as being hard, but really wonderful. It helps that we ate our lunch mid-hike on a deserted beach!
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