What should I be doing to make the most of my digital library?
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I've converted all my media (music and movies) to digital formats. What should I do now?

What are the best ways to take advantage of this digital library? Software, devices, tips, tricks, etc.?

I currently have a smart TV and two Chromecasts.
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Try Plex. You install it on the computer that has the media and then install the Plex App on your phone or smart TV (or Roku, Roku's really the best IMHO). It handles the rest. Makes playing movies/TV/music on your television as easy as using Netflix once it's set up.
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Also, back up your library onto an external drive at the very least. Reripping all that stuff would be a real PITA.
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Depending on the software that manages your library, if you start to add ratings to the things you like (or hate) the most, it might start making recommendations of new things for you to try.

I have Plex (running on a Raspberry Pi 3B) to serve up all the media that lives on a Synology NAS (on my desk). It allow me to group movies/TV shows/music into collections of related titles, and then consults online sources to suggest new stuff. It also has plug-ins for streaming services.

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Backups indeed. You can get an 8tb external drive for about $150US. I backup to 2 of these and rotate them so one is offsite.
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nth Plex. It's a bit of a fuss to set up (especially for remote access) and it's arguably regressing in usability/bugginess nowadays, but it's still pretty dang convenient.

I've also heard good things about Emby, which works similarly, but haven't tried it myself.
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Yes to Plex! If you end up liking it, wait until they have a lifetime Plex Pass sale for $75, buy a Plex Pass, and and you'll have access to all the awesome premium features until the end of time.
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