Bay Area tech (or non-tech) companies with Mandarin language needs
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In my inner circle is a 28-year-old Taiwanese-American man who will graduate with a B.A. from UCLA this Spring 2019 in psychology with a number of business courses. This person is both bilingual (completely fluent in Mandarin and English, also proficient in Cantonese) and bicultural (has lived in the US and in Taiwan, and has traveled extensively in Asia). He would like to start job hunting now for a position in the Bay Area for after college.

Do you know of any companies by name in the Bay Area that have Mandarin language needs and might appreciate an application from this person?
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Most big companies have a search function for jobs. As an example, here are sites for Apple, Google and Facebook
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Get on LinkedIn with a local Bay Area address . He can also get a 408 or 415 area code number through Google Voice. I had a friend in a similar situation who started getting a lot more calls with a local address.

Also, there is a whole internship season with specific deadlines if he's interested in going the corporate route. These are well paid internships. There will be recruiters at his campus.
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I'm confused - why has the on-campus recruiting machinery of UCLA not already set him up? Does he need a visa sponsor? Does he insist on using his language skills? Is there a special circumstance that we should know about in order to give better answers?
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Sorry for being confusing and asking a vague question by accident. I understood from conversations with Bay Area tech-adjacent people there are Asian companies with Bay Area offices or vice versa with a need for Mandarin-English speaking employees in the Bay Area, and I wanted to know about those. The person I am helping was born in the US and is a US citizen. I don't think they are looped into the on-campus recruiting machinery of UCLA, or know anything about that at all, but I will ask. Note to blog: I had no idea one could use search words like Mandarin. Thank you! I will start there.
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He needs to get to his campus career center. Many of these companies predominantly do their recruiting for this level on campus, and he should take advantage of this while he can.
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All of them? Most of the tech companies past a certain size do Asia sales, and many have a critical enough mass of Mandarin speakers that it isn't uncommon to hear it spoken in the hall.

If you're looking for jobs where it's a requirement, I suggest he do his googling in Chinese. You're right about there being field offices of China-based and Taiwan-based companies in the Bay area, but I don't know what job search sites they might use.
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