Italian-dubbed version of "Community"
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Where can I find the complete series of "Community" dubbed in Italian? Preferably with English and Italian subtitle options. DVD/Streaming options are equally okay.

I know Community is available on Hulu, but without an account I can't tell if it has the Italian-language version.
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A quick glance into Community on Hulu shows no options for Italian dubbing or subtitles.
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Such a thing exists. There's a multi language dvd of Community available on amazon. However, this is a region 2 dvd - which means its not likely to work in your existing north american standard dvd player. An option would be to buy a multi region dvd player so you can watch this and other Italian language dvd's going forward.
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All 6 seasons are in my prime video, listed with audio and subs in Italian. I’m not sure if they region block outside of Italy, but Prime is 4,99€ a month or €36 annually; you can try it out free for 30 days, and cancel before it starts the auto renew.
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