graffiti in soho
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Graffiti in SoHo, NYC? Exactly where?

I'm looking for some good looking, full stretches of graffiti in Soho, NYC -- I'm shooting a fashion photo that needs a good backdrop.
Where are some good locations with graffiti (specific addresses)/street art/etc?

Also, where in SoHo is this?

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Best answer: The older photo below your link is called "Wooster Street Pasteups"
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I haven't seen any in my travels's not really the right neighborhood for full walls. Not to say they can't exist and it's not like I know every square foot, but still.
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Response by poster: Pollomacho -- thanks!

cyrusdogstar -- then where would a good location in manhattan be?
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Response by poster: Also, there's a wall around Little Italy that has a large wheat-pasted poster of a dog, and a wood installation that made a 3d-word, and this was on an intersection next to a pedestrian crossing light..

Does anyone know where I'm talking about? Thanks!
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Best answer: Alright, found it.
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Not in Manhattan, but if you take the 7 to Queens, there is a good graffiti stretch, right after you cross the river, when the train first goes above ground. There will be tons of intricate graffiti on a big chunk of buildings.
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I know there is some stuff on some buildings around the corner of Canal St. and the WSH. The images aren't as great, but if you go there at dusk, you might get some really nice light to work with.
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Just in case you didnt see it linked from that photo:

Cassidy's Soho Graffiti Set.
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Upper Allen St.? Just south of Houston, before it really becomes Chinatownish. It's not like a buffet of graffiti, but I think I've seen some bigger stuff around there. I think some are big enough to use as backdrops, but you wouldn't be able to get a different big piece in each shot.
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thanks. this post rocks.
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Lilboo is referring to Five Pointz.
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Response by poster: Too many 'best answers' to mark them all.. thanks!
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Good graffiti in Long Island City in the buildings surrounding the G, E, V "Court Square" station -- you'll see it as soon as you come out above ground on the E or V. There is an artist loft building (yellow) that I bet you'd be able to get access too.
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