Forgotten/rediscovered female singer of the mid 20th century
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I am trying to recall the name of a forgotten/recently rediscovered female singer. She was American 1920s-50s recorded very few songs which were released on vinyl that is now exceedingly rare. Genre may have been blues/jazz and she may have played the piano. I seem to remember she had a brother who might have been more well known..

Her work would have gained attention in the last decade or so as I definitely read an article in the mainstream press about her. The music was possibly recently released or used on an ad? The music was strange and/or haunting. I remember an image of her house which had been tracked down by an afficionado who had also interviewed people who knew her. Any help would be luck searching. I may be conflating more than one person here.
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Connie Converse maybe?
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Geeshie Wiley?
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