Replacement for iOS Equanimity Meditation app
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Several years ago I used an iPhone app called Equanimity as a meditation timer. It was a clean and elegant app that did its one primary task well, and logged some simple statistics about how long I had meditated in total (and a daily average) that I found encouraging. (Here are some screenshots.) Unfortunately, Equanimity is no longer available for download from the App Store and so I’m looking for a replacement.

A quick search on the app store for Meditation timer returns an overwhelming number of options, most of which seem to be funnels into IAP subscriptions of some sort, which I really don’t want for an app like this. Specifically, what I’m looking for is this:
  • Simple/elegant iOS meditation timer that is supported and receiving updates on iOS 12
  • Supports basic logging of how long and how often I sit
Here’s what I don’t need:
  • Audio programs, guided meditations, or introduction to meditation classes
  • IAP subscriptions, or up sells for IAP subscriptions (even if the core functionality is free)
  • Mood trackers
  • Ads
  • Quasi social networks or other online features
I’m perfectly happy to pay for an app as long as it’s either upfront or a one-time IAP purchase to enable all features or remove ads.

Thanks in advance!
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Still was updated... 11 months ago. Works pretty well.
posted by kpmcguire at 11:26 AM on January 17, 2019

Unfortunately, Equanimity is no longer available for download from the App Store and so I’m looking for a replacement.

If you go to your App Store app on your iPhone, touch on your Apple ID picture, then touch "Purchased", then scan down the list, are you able to choose Equanimity, or is the download button there grayed out?
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, while the app is still listed in my purchase history, the download icon is grayed out.
posted by dyslexictraveler at 1:10 PM on January 17, 2019

Best answer: Check out Center. Not the easiest to search for, but I think it hits all your criteria.
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Best answer: Another vote for Center (app store link)
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I use the free version of Timeless and am pretty satisfied with it. The interface is clean and simple and it keeps track of past sessions. (It also offers guided meditations but I haven't tried any of them.)
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Response by poster: Center looks like exactly what I was looking for — and free to boot! Thanks everyone.
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I use one called Samsara which is very simple but also (I think with an IAP?) allows customisation to add bells, different lengths of time, warm ups etc. It’s great.
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I like Insight Timer for the functions you mention, and it's actively under development.
posted by spindrifter at 10:32 AM on January 19, 2019

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