San Juan PR seafood?
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Looking for dinner recommendations, specifically seafood, in Old San Juan. Details inside.

We'll be in San Juan next week for an afternoon/evening (cruise stop), and would like to have a wonderful seafood dinner. Ever since I read about El Nuevo Acuario on MF I've been dying to go, but sadly they're closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I've looked at previous questions but it's hard to know how much has changed since the hurricanes. Yelp isn't really helping since every place with a grouper sandwich is coming up in the search, so I'm hoping the hive has some actually tried places to suggest. Parameters:

*Due to our short amount of time in port, we'd like to stay in Old San Juan for this visit.
*I love seafood but don't eat it much at home due to mrsturtle's dislike, so I try to get my fill on vacation. Bonus for a really good whole fried snapper.
*that said, she's slowly coming around to some of the milder fishes, and has lately been extremely curious about ceviche (figuring the other strong flavors will help), so someplace with good ceviche would be top choice.

Thanks in advance!
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It's been a few years since I was there, but I dug through my old Yelp bookmarks and discovered that Verde Mesa is indeed still open. We had a memorable dinner there that night, easily the best dinner we had on our honeymoon. Wonderful seafood, and vegeterian-friendly if that's of interest.
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El Jibarito is nothing to look at and isn't luxurious by any definition but the whole red snapper we had on our trip was fantastic. Basically everything aside from the snapper was a starch bomb, though (mofongo, plantains, and I want to say there was also yuca). It was all well enough cooked, but pick your sides wisely or feel overfull afterward.
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It’s not in old San Juan but I’ve traveled a fair bit and the best seafood, or possibly any food, I’ve ever had is at Ceviche House. I don’t think it’s too far a taxi ride from the old town.
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