Whoa-oh hot toddy, bambalam
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Hot toddies are my jam this winter. Help me make them utterly delectable.

My current recipe, for an “apple cinnamon” version:

1.5 oz Calvados
Couple teaspoons fresh lemon juice
Cinnamon apple herbal tea
Sometimes a cinnamon stick

Still, I feel like there could be... more. Spicier, more exciting flavors, new spins on the old classic?? I don’t know! If you don’t want to get bored, how do you switch it up every once in awhile and still have what is essentially a hot, mostly clear, semi-seasonal alcoholic drink?
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Response by poster: Oops, 2-3 tsp of dark local honey in the above as well
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A friend uses chai tea and it’s always delish. I like plenty of lemon juice, too.
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Best answer: That's an amazing-looking hot toddy recipe. May i suggest adding cloves -- or allspice? Maybe a grating of nutmeg sprinkled on top.

I look forward to trying this next weekend.
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Best answer: Sweet & Spicy Toddy:
1.5 oz bourbon
Mint tea
Lemon juice
Fresh grated ginger or ginger juice

Smokey Toddy:
1.5 oz rye whiskey
Lapsang Souchong or Russian Caravan black tea
Seedless raspberry jam
Lemon Juice
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Best answer: You can embed whole cloves in a slice of lemon for a bit of a kick, plus it looks nice.

If you don't have to go to sleep any time soon, try it with earl gray tea.
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Best answer: Well I like this bourbon and chartreuse toddy from Imbibe. I have not yet tried their rye version, which is a warm whiskey riff on a Bijou.
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Best answer: I like to do a mix: half brewed green tea and half lemon ginger juice (available rather more cheaply at Trader Joe's). I'll add a few thin slices of peeled fresh gingerroot at the bottom of the mug, and a squeeze of lemon, then serve with a thin lemon wedge and a slice of crystallised ginger as garnish. Particularly nice with Tennessee Honey whiskey, but good with almost any whiskey or rye.

For a less-sweet version, do all green tea and squeeze half a fresh lemon in, adding honey and/or crystallised ginger slices to taste.
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Best answer: Replace or add to the Calvados with some pommeau.
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Best answer: Another tea to try as a base is almond tea, such as Celestial Seasonings "Almond Sunset." Most of your other listed ingredients would go well with that, though I generally prefer bourbon or rye as the liquor.

Another way to make it spicier is to get some really fresh cinnamon sticks, like not the ones you've been saving since last year, and add some freshly powdered cinnamon right before serving. It's a different, more piquant flavor than when you stew a stick.
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Best answer: The hot toddy from Fort Defiance in Red Hook, Brooklyn is 1.5 ounces of amaretto in a cup of hot apple cider, topped with a float of whipped cream. It is phenomenal.
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Best answer: Juice of 1/2 or whole lime
Hot water
I don't measure, just go by taste.
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Best answer: Black tea with fireball and orange slices. It's not classy, but great for bronchitis
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nb actual orange slices, not those candies
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Best answer: nb actual orange slices, not those candies

i feel like i want to try it with the other version now though tbqh
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Response by poster: (Just added allspice to my preexisting recipe, it worked EXCEPTIONALLY well)
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Best answer: Le Barricou in Brooklyn makes a standard Toddy (bourbon, honey, hot water, cinnamon I think but adds Benedictine to it, and it's delicious.
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Best answer: My most recent recipe:

Rum (I used a banana and Caramel Rum, because I'm a fancy boy)
Maple Syrup
Half a lemons juice
A slice of lemon
A Cinnamon stick
A smashed Nutmeg,
Cloves ,
Star Anise
(I put all the spices in a little teabag affair)
Boiling water.
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I live just across the border from Mississippi, so I can’t not link to a “Hotty Toddy” explainer, in case you needed something to chant while drinking a toddy.
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Best answer: I have spiked my chai lattes with Bailey's and it is surprisingly delicious.
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Best answer: Your default made me think of my current fave straight away!

Calvados, Creme de Mure (blackberry liqueur) and strong-brewed black tea; assam for a cleaner taste, lapsang souchong to add some of the smokiness you'd normally turn to a whisky for...

(This is a hot version of a drink I came up with a while back; equal parts Calvados, blackberry or raspberry liqueur and Fernet Branca. Straight up, no ice).

Both are an intriguing mix of simple fruit flavours which get massively deepened and lengthened by the tea / Fernet.
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Best answer: Great use for leftover Christmas candy! Just about any hard candy--peppermint discs, sticks, cinnamon drops-- dissolved in a jar of vodka, rum or whiskey and stirred can be combined with hot coffee or tea to kick up your hot toddies. This leads into a whole different discussion about alcohol-based infusions. I have tried orange peelings [mostly peel with little or no zest] with rum, peppercorns and vodka, and my current fav--a vanilla bean soaking in a bottle of 151 proof Cruzan Rum.

It does require a bit of planning as you do need a few days/weeks for the flavors to meld and the candies to melt. Taste tests and trial and error will get you there.
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Jameson's, a bag of this ginger tea (or similar) and half a lemon, all in hot water.

I like to drop in the squeezed lemon half just to get some oil from the peel in there but I discovered that the alcohol was extracting out some really bitter flavors from it. So now I add hot water, ginger tea powder, lemon juice and squeezed out peel, stir for a while, then I take the peel out and put Jameson's in.

Also: excellent post title!
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