Help identifying a children's book from the 80s?
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Looking for a children's book from the 80s wherein a crocodile cooks soup.

Does anyone remember this book? The drawings were quite delightful--I believe the crocodile, wearing a tall chef's hat, was making chicken soup, and the ingredients, the way they were drawn, looked irresistible, really, especially after the crocodile had diced them (little carrot coins, celery). One thing I remember distinctly about this book is that when he slices the onions he mentions that chopping onions always makes him cry.

It's possible this was only published in Canada. Any leads appreciated.
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It sounds like something Lyle would do, in Mrs Primm's kitchen, upstairs in their brownstone on E.88th St.
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It wasn't Lyle, though it does seem like something he'd do.
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I can’t find an image, but could it be from Really Rosie? It has alligators and chicken soup for sure.
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Lyle only eats Turkish caviar!

There's this Really Rosie clip (featuring music by Carole King) on YouTube if that sparks any recollections for you. It doesn't have this specific image, though, which I feel like I also remember from childhood.
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Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup with Rice has a crocodile, but not that image, I don't think.
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1985's Christopher Crocodile Cooks a Meal, by Andrzej Krauze? Here's the book cover at eBay (UK).
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I was searching around and I keep coming across the book Alexander and the Magic Mouse by Martha Sanders. If your description is the whole plot of the book, this is a bad guess, but if you are describing one scene it is a possibility. If it is wrong it still looks delightful!
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Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee! There’s an alligator making soup. It’s Canadian and was popular in the 80s. I’d bet beer that’s it.
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Sendak's Chicken Soup With Rice has an image of a turtle in a tall chef's hat stirring a pot of soup, There's a crocodile in the story, but not in the soup-making part.
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Sendak had Alligator's All Around as well - that was sold in a four-pack of books called the Nutshell Library. Chicken Soup With Rice was in the same pack. So that's definitely where my brain went (especially because it's Sendak art!) but I can't remember any of the Sendak characters mentioning onions making them cry...
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It is Christopher Crocodile Cooks a Meal! Thank you, everyone!
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