Bug ID, unsettlingly large edition
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I found this monster in the second floor bathroom. Should I be worried about more? How did something this big get into my house? D:
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Housemate suggested stink bug, but neither of us have seen one before.
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Brown marmorated stink bug
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Stink bug. They're all over the midwest.
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Shield bug/stink bug. Brown marmorated stink bug? Probably.
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Nthing that it is a Stink bug.
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If you are in Oregon, here is info. from Oregon State University.
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That's a stinkbug; they're an invasive pest and they're slowly spreading across the US. I believe they first ended up here in imported produce from Asia.

They showed up very abruptly in my area (mid-Atlantic US) a few years back and now we have them seasonally. They start off as very energetic and can fly—noisily—for short distances, and then as the temperature gets cooler they get more lethargic and easier to catch.

Obnoxious, but they don't bite or sting, and apparently there's a genetic component to whether you can even smell the "stink" (I can't). But the best disposal method IMO is to trap them with a glass and a piece of paper/cardboard and then flush 'em down the toilet, rather than using a flyswatter or stepping on them. Generally they are unable to get out of the toilet bowl once you toss them in there (unless you have a cat who likes to play "bug lifeguard"...).

Since they are invasive pests, I find nothing wrong with killing them, versus, say, spiders, where I think you are getting negative karmic points anytime you kill one.
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Ugh! Thanks, all!
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Here's a New Yorker article "When Twenty-Six Thousand Stinkbugs Invade Your Home"

Omnibus! podcast had episode about the marmorated stink bug.
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They seem to be annoying squeezey little stinkers. I have a new window in my new addition that must have a bit of caulking missing or something. This summer/fall, I was finding them inside the window but trapped by my screen. Removed the screens this winter and one got in and then somehow walked into the baffle of my insulated blinds! I could see ‘em silhouetted against the sun! It was annoying to get it out.
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I assure you, you will have more. Many, many, many more. Little pests seem to be able to get through any tight space. We found them inside a tightly sealed Rubbermaid container we use for storing xmas decorations.

Kill 'em with impunity.
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Ugh...I feel like that New Yorker article should come with a trigger warning.

Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs are an incredibly destructive pest when it comes to agriculture and having one in your home could lead to hundreds/thousands of others as the above New Yorker article goes into great detail about as they have a pheromone that attracts others.

Crushing the bug is what releases the "stink" so would definitely go the "trap and release" route.

You might consider reporting the siting in the effort to track the invasion and maybe help in the effort of combatting them
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FYI they are edible, the Mexican natives have been eating them for centuries, they’re called jumiles
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FYI they are edible, the Mexican natives have been eating them for centuries, they’re called jumiles

Brown marmorated stinkbugs might be edible, and there appear to be some reports of folks eating them experimentally, but they are not the same species as jumiles, so YMMV.
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stink bug. chickens will sometimes eat them.
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