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My six-month-old daughter seems to like TMBG, Raffi, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper. She also "sings" along to Feist. I thimk she likes the higher pitch. What other female lead vocalists are we missing? Bonus points for children's songs.
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Elizabeth Mitchell has pretty, mellow, folk-y kids songs.
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Sarah Harmer doing Peanut Butter Toast? It's from For the Kids album series.
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Laurie Berkner
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Stereolab isn't technically For Kids but I think she might dig it? International Colouring Contest has always kinda sounded like a kids' song to me, in a good way. (As a bonus, the artist to whom it is dedicated, Lucia Pamela, put out a wild album herself back in 1969 that is also pretty fun for kids.) Most of the rest of Mars Audiac Quintet has a similar vibe if she likes that Stereolab track.

She might also like School of Seven Bells -- maybe try her on Chain, or Half-Asleep, or Prince of Peace, and see what she thinks.
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Sharon, Lois and Bram are 2/3 female and have a huge children's oeuvre.
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Ooh, also, some Belle and Sebastian tracks, like Waiting for the Moon To Rise, might fit the bill as well. And for up-tempo dance times, try some Komeda (because you are never too young to appreciate catchy Swedish pop music).
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Jane Siberry. My baby son and I used to dance to Speckless Sky (one more colour)
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Regina Spektor!
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Dar Williams isn’t a children’s musician, but her music is child-appropriate and great to sing along to.
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My 7yo is a passionate Fleetwood Mac fan!
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The Roches, a group of three sisters with amazing voices, did a children’s album called Will You Be My Friend? You can hear the title song here.
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Thank you! Love these... keep 'em coming!
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My kid likes Joni Mitchell and enjoyed Feist singing 1, 2, 3, 4 on Sesame Street. Raffi is mesmerizing - we watch an old concert of his on Youtube, and she loves his face, I think.

We listen to a lot of Prince. Fleetwood Mac is pretty great for lady voices. I have tried to hold the line on kids’ music, since I have to listen to it too.

God, she loves the songs on Daniel Tiger. Those auto tuned voices, ugh.
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She & Him, Florence & the Machine, or Freezepop might do the trick!

My nearly-two-year-olds who also seem to love Feist & TMBG have been obsessed with this playlist for the last year. ESPECIALLY that Usher alphabet song.

They also really really like the soundtrack to Katamari Damacy.
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Lisa Loeb has a kids album...and it's good.
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My toddler loves Disney songs like How Far I'll Go (from Moana) and Let It Go (from Frozen).
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Maybe Connie Converse?
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See my previous question for more Raffi alternatives. We listen to a lot of Caspar Babypants, and also Francis England is fun.
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A couple years back, there was a kickstarter for Yes Means Yes!, a collection of "progressive feminist children's music," and I've been so pleased with how it came out. We had the dinosaur song on infinite loop at that age, I swear.
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[Quick note to my above, sorry: I hadn't listened to the whole of Lucia Pamela's trip-to-the-moon album before, just select tracks, and now that I have, Track 8 is one to skip, because the song's premise is built around a racist stereotype that is extremely not great, as one might expect from the title ("Indian Alphabet Chant"). I apologise.]
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My kiddo loves Healther Dales kids album,Imagineer. https://www.google.ca/search?q=heather+dale+imagineer&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-ca&client=safari For some sample
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1980s Go-Gos!!! Singable, danceable, delightfully retro.
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Kimya Dawson's Alphabutt was a big hit with my nephew. He particularly enjoyed the song "Bobby-o" who is the skinny younger brother of Fabio.
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