Energy foods for early AM gym?
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What kind of things might you recommend in terms of protein/energy foods to take early in the AM if you're trying to do the gym first thing in the morning?

I find it hard, but when I go to the gym early in the morning (6am) it's the best feeling ever. So I'm trying to figure out something I can eat very quickly (while putting on gym clothes or something) that might help me along.
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I used to down a couple handfuls of nuts or trail mix before working out to get my stomach going (it will still be in fasting mode after sleep).

Once I got done with my workout I'd eat a Clif bar (or something equivalent) so my body could start using that for energy rather than breaking down muscle.

WARNING: I'm not a big breakfast eater so you might find this inadequate for your needs.
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I like to stir a scoop of Super Green Pro-96 into six ounces of orange juice. It looks kind of dreadful but tastes like an Orange Julius. I suppose you could even mix up a portion before you go to bed at night.
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for breakfast you should be getting protein into your system straight away.

i would suggest water + protein powder.

if you are having problems with energy add some dextrose.

perfect balance?

pre-w/o - protein + water
post -w/o - protein + water + dextrose

you need the insulin kick after the work out

if you still struggle just down a powerade while working out
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Response by poster: Is it bad to have coffee within 20 minutes of finishing your workout?
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eggs, eggwhites, cereal with protein, protein shake, etc.
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I've heard its best not to eat before you exercise in the morning. That said...

Fat Free Cottage Cheese
High Fiber/Protein Bread with Ham or Turkey
Fat Free Hot Dogs
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Second that protein powder. It might take some sampling to find one you like. To me, GNC Vanilla is surprisingly tasty.
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coupla banana, mon
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Best answer: If your goal is to burn calories via cardio don't eat BEFORE you go to the Gym in the morning. Seriously. It sucks I know. But you shouldn't. Unless your looking to build muscle/bulk up. Then a small protein supplement before is ok.

One of the main benefits of doing cardio early is jumpstarting your metabolism. You want your body to go to it's stored energy - you do that and it will keep burning higher though out the day.

Try Acai Berry ( kinda trendy right now - but it works) extract powder with cold water before you go. It's low in calories but is kind of peppy. It will give you an energy boost and still allow your body to get to the stored supply as you work out.

I just drink the Acai extract and a hot cup of tea with a half teaspoon of honey.

Then have a good protein supplement drink with your breakfast (hard boiled egg, instant oatmeal, juice) when you get back from the gym.

Never skip breakfast AFTER a morning workout. You will get an energy slump and your body will associate that with getting up early and you'll start avoiding the work out.
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