Synonyms for "hanging out"
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For whatever reason I deplore saying I am going to "hang out" with someone. What can this phrase be replaced with, when referring to the plans you have with friends? "Date" has such strong romantic connotations it doesn't work for me.
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Maybe it's too vague for you? Try being more specific(?):

I'm meeting Amy for coffee.

I'm heading over to Amy's house for a few hours.

Amy and I are going to the coast for a day.
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Meet up
Go out
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I completely feel this. I usually use “get together,” since it doesn’t have the same “coolest kid in the fifth grade” vibe.
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Meet up would be my go to.
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We have plans. We're going to do whatever. We're chilling. We're having facetime.

Also an option: just stating what the plans are. "I'm going over to Bob's to watch TV." "Hannah and I are getting together to have lunch and look at our phones."
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Amy and I are doing a thing tonight.

Keep it vague!
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Spend time with?
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connect with?
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Catching up!
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See. Spend time with.
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Kicking back with. Kickin' it with.
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Associate with
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I sometimes ask people if they would like to gather.
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Where I live in the southern US people say "visiting with" and the meaning, to my ears, is somewhat vague. Run into a friend at the supermarket and spend a few minutes chatting, that's "visiting with". Have intense long conversations in any environment, that is "visiting with".

I like it.
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In Toronto it's "link up".
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"Visiting" is the first thing I thought of.
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I get drinks with friends a lot, so sometimes I say that. Though this works best when you're, you know, getting drinks with someone.
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“Visiting with” is part of my active vocabulary.
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I have plans with Amy.
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I have used "friend date" for this. It's unambiguously non-romantic.
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You could reintroduce "foregathering".
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Visit is great because you can modify and inflect it:
I had a nice long visit with those wonderful folks down at the DMV
I had a nice long visit with Amy and we finally caught up
I only have time for a quick visit but I’d love for you to stop by the studio
Yeah, I’ve been visiting with Amy a fair amount recently. It’s going well.
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I also use “meeting up” for this.
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“[Friend] and I are gonna do a thing.”

“Hey [Friend], wanna get together and do a thing Saturday night?”
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Where I grew up, the vernacular was "to stop by". As in, "I'm going to go out, stop by the Jones' place". Which could be for five minutes or five hours.

To my ear, this sounds somewhat mysterious without a heavy Yankee accent, though. YMMV.
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Catching up, as in, tonight, I’m catching up with Liam Hensworth and Brad Pitt. (Ha!)
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I also dislike the "hang out" term. My solution has been to be more deliberate about what I say. If I'm just telling someone else about my plans, I'll say what we're doing in vague terms (on Tuesday I'm getting coffee with Jen; or I have plans with Greg on Saturday afternoon).

If I'm making plans with someone in particular, I try to use terms like "spending time" or "sharing time." (For example: "Hey Kelly, would you like to spend some time together this week? [Insert specific proposal here.]) It's part of a simultaneous effort on my part to try to be a little more vulnerable with friends by actually telling them explicitly that I like them and want to spend time with them, so that particular wording may feel too intimate or cuddly for your purposes, but it's what works for me.
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I'm 26. I say "chill" "go meet up" and "check in and spend some time" if it's a little more serious, like after they had a rough time.
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"Socialize with"?
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I also dislike saying "hang out." I use visit , get together with, meet up with, or do/have a thing with. Or, similar to transient's suggestion of "friend date," I just call scheduled plans with one other person "a date" completely irrespective of gender/orientation/partnered status.
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