Help me sing in front of Drinking strangers tonight in Manhattan
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NYC karaoke-filter: Im in rockaway Beach, looking for a karaoke lounge in lower Manhattan easily train accessible for tonight. Preferably someplace queer/freaky. I need to get out of my parents house for a night before family events start this weekend.

Not looking for a private room joint, just someplace, I can sip my Fernet-Branca and belt Out a few in front of a crowd of strangers.
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Baby Grand (in both Manhattan and Brooklyn) can be pretty fun. Not sure if freaky enough, exactly.
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+1 Baby Grand-- did my birthday party there and was def different than most karaoke spots.
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Thanks, and there’s still time to help me pick a shirt to rep my home while singing:
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Tough call but I'd go for repping the Ruby Room in NYC.
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