Driving from Munich, Germany to Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy in late March?
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We are renting a car in Munich, Germany for a road trip via Innsbruck, Austria to Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy in the Dolomites in the last week of March this year. The car will already be equipped with snow tires (as required by German regulations) and we are experienced winter drivers in non-mountain conditions. Would those knowlegeable about driving in this area recommend renting the optional snow chains from the car rental company? Also, any other road tips/side trips for this itinerary would be most appreciated.
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Yes, the snow chains are mandatory in Austria in certain roads and conditions. Also do try putting them on in dry conditions.
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Get the snow chains! Drive the speed limit! In Innsbruck it is worth checking out the goldenes Dachl aka, golden roof - it's a stark testament to how much money they had 600 years ago... if you're into that kind of thing. The old, walled city is intense, again, if you're into that kind of thing. Similar is the Swarovski crystal museum just a little outside - it's kind of hokey, kind of cool. They have an interesting art collection.
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We spent a week around Cortina in the summer. So many drivers fitted the macho stereotype, overtaking at all costs, blind corner? No problem! Plus you will be driving on some very twisting mountain roads. Take all the precautions.

If you fancy a bit more driving in that area, the road running west form Cortina to Bolzano (Great Dolomites Road/Strada dell Dolomiti) is famous as being one of the most amazing drives in Europe. The whole thing takes a few hours but you could easily drive up there an hour or so, there are some restaurants along the road with incredible valley and mountain views that make the trip worthwhile.
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Thank-you to all for your assistance in answering my snow chains question, however for future readers of this thread, here is a bit more information on the topic from my research:
- the concierge at our Cortina D'Ampezzo hotel emailed us that the weather in late March is usually very good and barring a late winter storm, the roads are passable on regular snow tires

- Austria requires mandatory winter equipment of four winter tires or snow chains on at least two tires between 1 November and 15 April

- high visibility warning vests are required for all drivers. They need to be stored within reach of the driver and must be worn day or night when exiting the vehicle on the hard shoulder or in the event of breakdown. You must also have a first aid kit and a warning triangle inside the car in case you break down.
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