Costume wedding help, difficulty level medium
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I just got an invitation to my favorite kind of wedding - two very lovely people who belong together having a fancy costume party. There is an added theme of "birds/space." They have left it open as to whether costumes should involve just birds, just space, or both. This couple never half-asses anything, and I'd like to have a costume worthy of the event.

Right now my brain is kind of stuck on Duck Dodgers, which might be fine, but can you help un-stick my brain with some other possibilities? I prefer not to do a pre-existing pop culture character (like DD) but won't rule it out.
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There are various nebula named after birds. No idea how you could incorporate that into a costume, but it would definitely be bad-ass if you did.

Enormous space wings? The short story "Menace From Earth" takes place on the Moon and a major part of it is the residents flying around in a huge chamber wearing wings. Googling the name brings up a picture. They look pretty spacey even without context.
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Night sky costumes (black or blue clothes, with white or yellow stars...if you want to be extra fancy, the stars are battery-power christmas lights!) are always extra awesome, and a raven mask or black feather collar would match it well just in terms of color scheme.
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Damn, I need cooler friends.

Does "space" have to mean "outer space" or could it mean a space for birds, or a space filled with birds, or the space between birds?
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What immediately springs to mind when I think of birds and space is a meteor and dinosaurs.
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I would do something with the Esca from Cat Valente's Space Opera.

They're an alien race described as an ultramarine half flamingo, half angler fish. I feel like a vivid blue dress and a luminous fascinator could be awesome.
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I don't think I could resist the temptation to have an utterly frothy confection of a hat with flowers and birds, including small birds on flexible transparent struts apparently "hovering" around my hat. Maybe fuchsias on the hat and hummingbirds hovering? And then a leafy, floral motif on the rest of the clothing.
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What immediately sprang to mind was to do something like a kind of space-bird, like a rough bird costume (more a suggestion than something exacting), with wings made out of a light, galaxy-patterned fabric. Maybe a dress of fabric feathers?
I am also obsessed with the Angel from the recent revival of Angels in America; that might spark something?

(Ugh, if I was the bride I would definitely have puppeteers working my wings your friends are so cool!)
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Or (not to abuse the edit window) maybe choose a bird species you like and come up with an outfit that evokes them? This recent Birdnote episode about hooded Mergansers got me thinking about outfits, although I don't know if I'd want to do the backbend-and-froggy-croak thing for verisimilitude.

Maybe check out Dr. Lisa Buckley's #BirdGlamour hashtag on Twitter?
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Go as Constantin Brâncuși?
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My mind also went first to Brancusi’s Bird in Space. Can you do an homage with something sleek and columnar?
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If you type Bird Costume into the search feature on Pinterest there are some wonderful things. I'm on my phone and Pinterest is not letting me link.
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I can imagine someone who wears dresses replacing the bodysuit in this Björk swan dress tutorial with something dark enough to be embellished on the back with stars in a Cygnus pattern.
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Vultures and space launches discussed here.
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If I really wanted to be a harbinger of doom at someone's wedding, I'd show up in one of these (or similar).
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Is there any way to put the Eagle Nebula on a dress, cape, or other custume object?
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Or at least some combination of colors and LED lights that evokes that famous image?
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Bird Person from Rick and Morty?
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Vintage bird and space: Chicken Little, "The Skylab is falling," from 1979
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There is a Swan constellation. Do you dance? Could you make/borrow a Swan ballet costume and maybe outline the constellation in sequins or rhinestones on the skirt?
Note: If there is alcohol at the party, eschew pointe shoes. You don't want to do the dying swan.
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The chicken lady from Kids in the Hall.
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I know they're pre-existing pop culture characters, but birds and space just screams for the space cop versions of Hawkman and Hawkwoman/Hawkgirl.
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