What protests and actions are being organized to end the shut down?
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I'm having trouble finding information about protests and pressure tactics being used to help end the shut down. Does anyone know of anything? I'm assuming the main pressure tactics are getting the Democrats to hold strong for a clean bill with no wall funding, Republicans to fold and help pass legislation to over-ride a Trump veto, or for Trump to back down.

Are there plans to mobilize at shuttered/understaffed government offices around the country? (e.g. HUD, Park Service, FDA, etc.) Show up at Congressional district offices? Hound elected officials in public? I can't seem to find much.

MoveOn has a petition page. Indivisible is telling people to call their Senators.

I saw some union protests in the past, but I'm not seeing much in the future.

What groups are taking the lead in organizing and mobilizing people to pressure elected officials to get the government open again? How can people take action to get this resolved as quickly as possible? Does anyone have information?
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Federal workers and others are protesting in DC and elsewhere. See #ShutdownProtest for more.
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via Politico:
The American Federation of Government Employees is suing the Trump administration over the shutdown, as is the National Treasury Employees Union, and the AFL-CIO, federal workers and Democratic lawmakers are rallying Thursday at the union’s headquarters in D.C and walking to the White House.
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also via Politico:
Virtually every segment of the aviation industry — from airlines to airports — is ramping up pressure on lawmakers and the White House to reopen the government, suggesting that a prolonged shutdown could seriously harm passengers and business.

Air traffic controllers and other aviation industry workers reinforced the point with a rally outside the Capitol on Thursday, saying safety suffers when air traffic controllers, baggage screeners and Federal Aviation Administration technicians and inspectors are either furloughed or forced to work without pay as the shutdown enters its third week.

[...] They were joined by several members of Congress, including two Republicans — Reps. Pete King of New York and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania — who said they would vote with Democrats to reopen the government Thursday.

Rep. David Price (D-N.C.), who chairs the House’s transportation spending panel, noted that the rally brought together general aviation, commercial airlines, the drone industry, air traffic controllers, safety specialists, flight attendants and others.

“You know sometimes you don’t agree on everything, but you sure do agree on this,” Price said.
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via the Associated Press:
The number of airport security screeners failing to show up for work around the country is soaring as the partial government shutdown goes into its fourth week.

No-shows among screeners jumped Sunday and again Monday, when the Transportation Security Administration reported a national absence rate of 7.6 percent compared with 3.2 percent on a comparable day a year ago. Monday marked the first business day after screeners did not receive a paycheck for the first time since the shutdown began.
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