Help me find a print of this painting!
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Many years ago while in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I purchased a print of the 1961 painting El Heladero by Myrna Báez. Unfortunately, the print didn't survive the trip back. I'd like to track down another copy to frame and display in our home, but I can't find anywhere it's available for purchase. (I've already tried emailing the museum where I purchased the print, as well as the museum where the original is currently hanging, but haven't heard back.)
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Do you have any photo, even if it's just in background or partially obscured?
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Never mind, I found it online. And unfortunately the usual reverse image searches turn up nothing helpful, aside from this use in promo materials for an art show at a museum that apparently no longer exists.

It does look like a print was recently auctioned on eBay under the key word "ice cream".

I'd make it a point to periodically search ebay for "Myrna Báez" "ice cream" heladero . There may be services out there that scan for such things and notify you.
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You can set up a saved search on eBay for free. It took two years for a copy of an obscure out of print book on antique rings that I wanted to come up for auction but it eventually did...and I got it for a fraction of what Alibris sellers were asking.
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