Best Firefox add-ons/extensions, 2019 edition
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Backing up my firefox profile due to imminent laptop death got me to wondering about what firefox add-ons/extensions are out there now. I'm not just asking about privacy/safety stuff, but also other useful or fun stuff.

For example, I'm using uBlock Origin and https everywhere, and am definitely interested in more stuff like that, but I'm also am interested in things like Copy Plain Text, and also Fox Clocks because I deal with people around the world and like to know what time it is for them, and could use a good translation extension, weather extension ...
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Facebook Container lets you use Facebook (and other sites it owns, like Instagram) without letting Facebook cookies follow you to other sites.

Multi-Account Containers is a more general tool for staying logged in to separate accounts in different tabs. Both of these extensions are developed by Mozilla.
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I second mbrubeck's suggestions, and also find Temporary Containers to be useful in certain situations.

I cannot live without Panorama Tab Groups or Snooze Tabs.

If like me you're one of the vanishing few who still depend on RSS, Awesome RSS and RSS Preview restore the RSS-friendly parts of Firefox that Mozilla has seen fit to remove.
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Tree style tabs is my first install (well, after ublock origin).
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I also use and recommend Multi-Account Containers. Sites I especially don't trust get a container all to their own.

On the purely fun side of things, I enjoy Tabby Cats, which generates cute little cats in new tabs.
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No Coin "provides you a safe and reliable way to block miners from using your CPU and power without your consent."
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Web ScrapBook: substitute for MAFF.
SingleFile: Save a page into a single HTML file

Gesturefy / Foxy Gestures: mouse gestures

Decentraleyes: prevents network requests to 3rd party CDNs by serving locally hosted versions of the files
Temporary Containers: good explanation by the developer here
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Format Link is the absurdly configurable content copypasta tool. It's not as nice as MeFi's own roryparle's Make Link, but that stopped working a few years ago.
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I'm an evangelist for One Hit. If you're like me and tend to open ten, twenty, thirty tabs at one time, you NEED this.
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This is the Google Translaate I use. It's possible to strip it down so it only just adds an option to the right click menu.

Mass Tagger is useful if you're on Reddit; it adds little badges next to people's names if they post to about 100 right wing hate subs.

Imagus is the image previewer I use. Show an image someone linked to just by hovering (with optional key held down), no need to click through.
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A few that I find very useful:

Wayback Machine: Detects dead pages, 404s, DNS failures & a range of other web breakdowns, offering to show archived versions via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. In addition you can archive web pages, and see their most recent & first archives.

Pinboard: Firefox add-on for Bookmark web pages & add notes easily [requires $11/year subscription - one of the best bargains on the internet]

Kopernio: One-click access button to full-text research article PDFs on thousands of academic sites. Works with subscription and open access articles.

Privacy Badger: EFF's tracking blocker.
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Seconding Privacy Badger.
I'm also a big fan of NoScript - up to a point where I feel naked and anxious surfing the web without it - but it is/can be a bit of a hustle.

If like me you're one of the vanishing few who still depend on RSS, Awesome RSS and RSS Preview restore the RSS-friendly parts of Firefox that Mozilla has seen fit to remove.

I am like you and oh my god, thank you so much!!
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All very helpful, thanks! (I've not been back because I got the nasty flu that is going around pretty much immediately after posting this question.)

In case it is of interest, here are some of the ones I use, besides uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere, as previously mentioned. (List is in no particular order, because flu ... sigh).

Page Saver WE
Undo Close Tab
For weather, Forecastfox (fix version)
Copy PlainText
Drag-Select Link Text
Open Link with New Tab (ok, could use some tweaking)

For Firefox on android/mobile, I've been trying out Pull to Refresh.
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