Where did this painting come from?
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Found a cute little linen painting at Goodwill and am curious about its history.

I'm a Goodwill fiend and picked up this little framed thing today. It's painted, not embroidered, on what I'm guessing is linen. I don't imagine it's valuable, but haven't really seen anything like it before and would love some context. Can anyone help me out?
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A picture of the back would be helpful. And it looks screenprinted rather than painted, can you take a look and see if you can spot any individual brush strokes? The edges of the paint on the colored sections that are not outlined look very sharp and even, which suggests to me that it was printed in some manner. (It could also be a number of other techniques, but given the lack of obvious brush strokes in the picture you posted....)
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I tried to pry the back off, but the cloth is attached to the plain cardboard backing. I think you're right that it's screen printed.
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I hate to say it, but it kind of looks like someone framed something like a linen dishcloth? The clothing on the men looks like it is from the 1700s, and the hunting rifles with the flaring muzzles look like blunderbusses. Makes me think its depicting a scene in England/Europe.
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Haha! Don't worry, I had exactly the same thought. The closest thing I've been able to find online is Wert linen, so at least that's something!
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It looks like a print made to embroider on. My great aunt bought those sometimes (back in the -60's and 70's). When the embroidery was finished, she'd mount it on pillow cases or tea warmers or even furniture.
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The clothing, guns, and gun stands seem to be late 1600s, early 1700s to me. The guy on the left immediately made me think of Cavaliers
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Yes the motif is a hunting scene from maybe the 1600's, but the drawing style is very post WW2. I know somewhere I have a book illustrated with the same style but I just can't remember what book it is (so I can look at the book date and narrow in the dating of your picture). BTW it is a lovely picture.
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I found it, it is my Betty Crocker New Picture Cookbook from 1961. Ooh my gosh, I just discovered how valuable it is from looking for images to post. Normally I just look at it for laughs. But I couldn't find good images of the illustrations and vignettes. Anyway, that is probably your timeframe, from about 1955 - about 1965.
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