Beans, beans, the musical fruit
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Do you have a delicious recipe for greek giant (gigantes) beans in tomato sauce? My kids love them from our local restaurant and I’d love to make them at home.
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Best answer: This is a great, classic version.
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Best answer: My Secret Quonsar gift this year was Deb Perelman's Smitten Kitchen Everyday, and it has this recipe for "pizza beans" in it - I had some gigante beans kicking around and have made this a couple of times now. Really good.

And you can sneak some greens into them (it calls for kale, but I've also tried blanched and chopped rapini in its place and it works really well).
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If you have an international store near you, "Uncle Vanya" baked beans are limas in tomato sauce with onions and are beyond awesome. Not a recipe, just instant tasty.
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Best answer: Although I can’t vouch for this specific recipe for Gigantes Plaki, every other recipe that I’ve made from Olive Tomato has been easy, low key and absolutely delicious.
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Best answer: My go-to (made twice with no hitch, I’m not vegan; these are everything I was hoping for in the flavor department and more—so rich and savory)!
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The Turkish version of this dish is called pilaki and usually has some diced carrot and pepper in it; if that's the case with your restaurant's version then this recipe or this one are basically the way I make it, with either gigantes or borlotti beans.
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Response by poster: I made an amalgamation of pretty much all the recipes. Everyone was happy, thank you!
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