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I have inherited a useful resource at work, but despite being shown how it works many times, the uptake is still not great. Part of the issue is that it has a weird name. Can you help me think of one that better describes what the actual use of this thing is?

My colleague created an online form that our recruitment staff can use when they go to events. It serves two purposes: 1) the person filling out the form (either the prospect or recruiter on their behalf) can indicate what further information is required, and when the form is submitted an email is immediately sent with the relevant info, 2) the prospects details are automatically added to our database (lead capture).

This resource is a new concept because it does the two things in one: service and data capture. Right now it's called Autofulfilment. Even I don't really understand why it's called that. I guess because it's automatically fulfilling the request for info, but I think that the recruiters are less interested in the service aspect, and more interested in the data capture.

What can we call this thing internally, so our recruitment team know it's the go-to resource for use at the events?

I don't really want to call it The Lead Capture Form, because the service aspect is important and something we are trying to promote more within our organisation. It's not just about how many email addresses we can get in the database.
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Recruitment Event Form
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Prospect Information Form? Since that's what's getting entered, if I'm understanding correctly. (Or perhaps Prospect Information Form For Lead Entry, so you can more memorably call it "PIFFLE".... :-P )
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Recruitment Registration Tool? (folks around here seem to respond well to the word "tool" in general - better than "form")
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Rapid Response Tool?
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Capture & Follow-up
Capture & Service (Delivery)
Recruitment & Follow-up
Recruitment & Service (Delivery)
Prospect Intake - maybe you don't need to explain the functions of the tool, but name it so that it sounds like this is the form to use for entering new prospects
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I like Recruitment Event Form not only because it's plainly descriptive, but because it easily acronyms to REF.
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I like "registration" or "enrollment" because everyone knows you need to "register" or "enroll" before something - it doesn't sound optional. "Oh, there's an event? I better register/enroll for it beforehand." Is this to convince the recruitment staff to use it. It might be easier to drill in that it needs to be done: "Before events, you must register/enroll all leads!" Then putting the word "recruitment" in there might help.

My initial thought was this sounds like "advance" work, i.e. Event Advance Registration or Event Advance Enrollment. But something like Recruitment Event Registration could work. If you want the message to be that this is for leads or prospects, maybe Prospect Event Registration. In my field, we use the term "credentialing" in place of registration or enrollment. You could also consider "onboarding" if that would be appropriate since there is the data-capturing aspect.
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I worked at a company that had a resource called InfoNet. In that case it was a bunch of tutorials on how to perform technical tasks, but I wonder if it works for your purpose.

Think of the image of a net, dragging up information for your company... And the people to register are receiving information from a net(work of information).

The generic/bland quality was actually a benefit. It didn't annoy anyone and it rolled off the tongue easily in conversation.
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Could you call it something related to a snapshot? That was the metaphor that leapt in mind for both getting a quick view of the info each person needs and the info you're collecting for the back end. It's a .... snapture.
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Event survey?
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Think of the image of a net, dragging up information for your company... And the people to register are receiving information from a net(work of information).

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MILC - More Info & Lead Capture. Use it as a noun, a verb; make puns and jokes about it.
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Prospect Catcher - it catches both the prospect’s need for information and your need for information about the prospect.
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