Comedy Movies with High Body Counts
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A friend is doing a movie marathon for their birthday, and wants a theme of comedy movies with high body counts, preferably death by murder. Examples inside.

-Hot Fuzz
-Serial Mom

They shouldn't be very serious or sentimental. We're looking for lighter fare. Cabin in the Woods for example is a bit more horror than comedy.

What else should we consider?
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Pineapple Express is pretty violent throughout and then goes super bloody and dark at the end.
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A Fish Named Wanda - if you count dogs that are collateral damage during attempted murder.

Arsenic and Old Lace
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Shaun of the Dead
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And from many of the same people as PE, This Is the End starts at the end of the world.
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In the ending of Penn & Teller Get Killed, everyone dies. I won't spoil it by explaining exactly how I mean that, but the phrase is perversely literal.
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Grosse Point Blank. One of my favorite romantic comedies. No, really.
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The Spy Who Dumped Me is a recent-ish good buddy movie with a really large number of people who die.
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The Last Supper (1995) ticks all the boxes except "lighter fare." It's more of a dark comedy.
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Eating Raoul
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A Film With Me In It (2008). Not murder, per se, but a body count all the same.
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Quite a few people die in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, some of them by murder. Others by rabbits and cows.
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The Ladykillers
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And also on the Alec Guinness/Ealing theme, Kind Hearts and Coronets, of course.
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Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, definitely!
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If you don't mind dumb movies starring Charlie Sheen, Hot Shots! Part Deux has a literal body count on screen at one point.
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Dr. Strangelove
The Death of Stalin

Both are pretty firmly in the black comedy category, are pretty grim at points, and the deaths that occur are mostly at the hands of state actors rather than private murder. Both are great though!
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys are maybe more neo-noir mystery than light comedy, but they are very very funny.
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In Bruges has five on-screen deaths, if that's high enough. Very dark comedy, though, not in the spirit of, say, Clue (first two deaths are a priest and a little boy), so it depends on what you're looking for.
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The "old mysteries" parody Murder by Death is one I liked (more than Clue)

I'm not sure about body count on all the Pink Panther movies, but the one with a non-Pink title, A Shot in the Dark, kills a number of characters behind Clouseau's back.
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Stewart Gordon's Re-Animator(yt) might be an option, for a (sort of?) Lovecraftian change of pace.
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Keanu, about Key and Peele looking for a lost cat, qualifies.
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If you assume that there is at least one cop in each cop car that crashes, the Blues Brothers has a pretty high body (and car) count.
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Following up on In Bruges, also by Martin McDonagh - Seven Psychopaths.
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What We Do In The Shadows would work really well in that lineup, if vampire murders count. Sweeney Todd might be too dark but it's got moments.
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Very Bad Things is worth considering.
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On preview, seconding Very Bad Things.
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Drop Dead Gorgeous features quite a few deaths I seem to recall.

Also browsing the Comedy genre index over at Movie Body Counts might turn up a few more, I'd imagine.
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I doubt they've aged well (and they were flawed on release), but the Austin Powers movies are neither serious nor sentimental, and contain a number of bodies IIRC.
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True Lies.
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Kingsman: The Secret Service - look, I wouldn't watch it again, mostly due to the lady at the end who is pretty much the reward for the hero (gross) but it does have a super violent scene where many many people are killed through brutal physical violence, but it's played as a comedy.
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An oldie, Kelly's Heroes.
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And Tropic Thunder.
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Demolition Man
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Well, there’s the end of Life of Brian.
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Shoot Em Up (youtube link to trailer)
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Zombieland? Many Zombies died to bring us this movie. Not as many humans though.
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Radioland Murders!

(One day all of MeFi will have been convinced to see this movie and my work here will be complete.)
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Club Dread is not Broken Lizard's... best work. But I include it for completeness's sake.
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Love and a .45


I tend to define "comedy" rather broadly. ;-)
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I remember laughing a lot during Dead Heat, but I haven't seen it since opening weekend.
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Keeping Up with the Joneses (++Gal Gadot)
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Cannibal the Musical (Early Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Very catchy tunes)
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Little Shop of Horrors! Campy fun, with music!
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Happy Death Day has many murders in it, many of them of the same person.
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Dead Alive (US)/Braindead (NZ): SPOILER ALERT: After his grandma is zombified by the bite of the Sumatran Rat Monkey, hilarious blood and gore ensues, culminating in the hero walking into a room of zombies armed with a lawnmower. LOL. 4 star. (Directed by Peter Jackson)
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Murder by Death!
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Game Night Is unexpectedly violent and very funny, though I can’t remember if the actual body count is higher than 1. That 1 is a doozy, though.
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Seconding Braindead. Extremely funny, and a truly profound amount of carnage.
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Edgar Wright's Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy:
* Shaun of the Dead (mentioned above by LobsterMitten)
* Hot Fuzz (mentioned by you)
* The World's End
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Who is Killing The Great Chefs of Europe is fun. Also seconding This is the End
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I'd like to second The Death of Stalin.
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Jerry and Tom is a series of vignettes about a pair of hitmen. Funny, but nuanced in a Coen brothers kind of way.
Funny, not-nuanced action-comedies: Spy, Black Dynamite, The Last Boy Scout, Gunmen, and Big Trouble in Little China
You might enjoy Operation Endgame. It's about top-tier hitmen locked in an office building trying to kill each other with whatever's in the copy room. It had a unique, award-winning script that attracted an excellent cast, but the film had production difficulties that left it a little flat.
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Student Bodies, death count, strange characters, super cheesy.

I won't say it is good, but it would seem to fit your request.
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The first Kingsman was atrociously body-filled. Ugh, that scene in the church.
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Evil Dead 2? Not sure about the body count total, but it is billed as "splatstick," so it seems in alignment.
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If you like Seth MacFarlane and his brand of humor: A Million Ways to Die in the West.

(FYI, I am NOT a fan of SMF's brand of humor (nor of him) but our friend had a bit part as SMF's character's father, so we watched it.)
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Galaxy Quest, Zombieland, Warm Bodies, Men in Black, R.I.P.D.
Seconding Shaun of the Dead (best of the trio), Hot Fuzz and At the World's End
Red and Red 2
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