Recommend a Sleeping Cap?
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Hoping some fellow thick-hair-having MeTas can help me out. I have a lot of very thick hair, and managing it while sleeping has gotten out of control. If I leave it down, I wake up halfway through the night drenched in sweat. If I put it up in a ponytail, I sleep comfortably but have the dreaded 'pony crease' the next day. The same goes for any sort of braid, bun, etc.

I'm interested in trying some sort of sleeping cap, but am worried it will just make my head crazy hot and sweaty. In my perfect world, there's some sort of .. breathable .. cap, but darned if I can find anything with reviews. Most of the caps I see are intended to keep people's hair warm, or are for keeping curlers, etc, from falling out - I just want my hair up off my neck and shoulders without any additional warmth.

Help me, AskMeTa?
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I've been thinking about food service hairnets, which by virtue of being an actual net are breathable and presumably cooler than an actual hat, but the elastic on the ones I've seen doesn't seem strong enough to contain my nighttime flailings. Anyway I find that the ponytail crease is lessened for me if I use a soft scrunchie rather than a hair elastic but ymmv.
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If you are open to non-cap solutions, a loose braid is my go-to, though I also use the Invisibobble for a loose pony or bun and that works well. No or minimal creasing, which is the point of the product.
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For avoiding the "pony crease", have you tried using a scrunchie to hold up the ponytail? I find they're softer and tend not to leave a crease. Bonus: they're hella comfortable!

I'm a back/side sleeper, and I keep my long hair off my neck at night (the worst feeling!) by scooping it up as I lie down so that only my bare neck comes in contact with the pillow. The rest of my hair drapes across the back of the pillow.
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The only thing that remotely kept me from getting a pony crease has been “pineappling” my hair with an invisibobble
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I use a long sock with the foot cut off. Put the hair through then wrap it up as you would a bun, but with the hair safely inside the sock. No crease.
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I use and like the Silke hair wrap. I don't have A/C and it doesn't make my head hot when I sleep. Plus, it's super cute. You don't have to buy it directly from the UK. Anthro carries it and it goes on sale sometimes.

Another option is to "pineapple" it, but use a silk hair tie or a very loose, soft rubber band to avoid marks in your hair.
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I have thick, curly hair, and I've been wearing a satin cap that keeps my curls intact ... if only it would stay on my head all night. I'm going to try to dig up my Buff neck gator; pulled up and over my hair, it's much more effective and less cumbersome than any other method I've tried.

Gretchen Heber at agrees.

(Full disclosure: A commenter on Heber's article says that a dreadlock tube bought at a beauty supply store "stays on better than the old buff I was using, and it’s longer." Not to mention cheaper: The dreadlock tube was $2.99; the Buff is $20.79.)
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Searching for a silk sleeping bonnet should give you some options. Also, here’s a recent rundown of options from Allure.
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Have you seen this previously about getting hair up without leaving a ponytail dent/crease?
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I've tried dozens of different doo-dads and tricks to contain my long hair at night -- this Tassi headband is the only one worth recommending. I use it every night. Cool and comfy.
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Black women have you covered: satin sleeping bonnet.
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I have very thick, curly hair that turns into dreads if I don't bind it. What has worked best for me is a cut section of a ribbed cotton undershirt looped over the whole length. I spritz both the hair and the cotton binder to keep my hair hydrated.
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OK, for $9 on Amazon, I'm sold on the Tassi! If that doesn't work, I'll try some of the other suggestions.

Thanks everyone!
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No personal experience, but the term “snood” will show you results with large mesh that might be cooler than other options.
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