Seeking a waterproof work bag on wheels
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I'd like to get my wife a new work bag. Must be: waterproof (or nearly), lightweight, good sturdy wheels, and not too gigantic (think a big briefcase or small suitcase). Any recommendations?

We're in Vancouver, hence the waterproof part.

She has a history of back injuries, hence the need for wheels and lightness (can't lift heavy stuff), and the unfeasibility of a backpack.

We're also in an area with cobblestones, so cheap wheels won't cut it.

She likes a plainish appearance, but that part is secondary to functionality.

I'm willing to pay a fair chunk for it, so for the sake of argument consider money no object.

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Have you spent much time looking at rolling briefcases? That seems like the right category but it'd be hard to narrow it down without a little more information on what she likes/doesn't about different ones. As far as durability, good luggage brands are also going to make good briefcases - and Briggs & Riley is probably hands-down the best (both durable and excellently-warrantied) luggage brand.

Also, what is lightweight to you? Unfortunately good sturdy wheels are also pretty heavy, so you might want to decide how much of a balance you want between those two factors.
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I'd add in Zero Halliburton and Rimowa to the list of cases; they're hard-sided, lightweight, and can get rained on without ill effect.
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