Investment calculator that includes taxes, management fees, etc?
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I'm looking for an investment calculator that will tell me, if I put in x amount each month for y years, what the expected return would be (either for a fixed rate, or even better for a pessimistic history-based model of the stock market). But I want the calculator to also be able to deduct taxes (either at the end or during, depending) and management fees. Does such a thing exist?

Note: I need to be able to manually enter the taxes, because different options I'm investigating have very different tax rates in the two separate countries I'm going to be getting taxed in.
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You should just do this in Excel.
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The Texas Instruments BA 2?
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By calculator I meant an online calculator or other template I enter numbers into to spit out answers, to be clear. Doing all the math by hand into a computer is not what I am looking for.

"excel" is not a helpful answer, but if you happen to have an excel or Google sheets template to recommend, that would be awesome.
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Management fees are a constant drag on returns, so for this you just need to reduce your expected rate of return by your management fees. So if you anticipate 8% return, and you are using pricey actively-managed funds with a 1% fee, input 7%.

Similarly, for taxes, I would just increase your future cost of living expenses in the calculator by the appropriate percentage to account for the additional withdrawal required to cover your taxes.
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misterbrandt: to clarify, by "taxes" i meant "on the investment" not "taxes in general". ie some investments are tax-deferred, some can be double taxed... When I did some back-of-napkin calculations on what it would mean for gain to be taxed at 25% it seemed to drop an overall 10% return rate to 8%, etc, but it makes a difference if it's taxed all along or only at the end...
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