What do do with leftover fruit from shrub-making?
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I made a delicious shrub with soft dried figs, thyme, sugar, and cider vinegar. I now have a load of delicious sugary vinegary thyme-y chopped figs (about 3+ full cups worth) that would probably make a great chutney. How do I get to there?

They are delicious just to nibble on, but a little intence and there's no way I'll finish them before they go off. They are in the freezer for now and I was thinking if I just added more vinegar and a little more sugar and a touch of salt and boiled it all up and processed it like I normally do with chutney (sterilised jars etc. but not full on pressure-canning) that would work? Am I missing anything here?

The original recipe was 3 cups soft dried figs, several sprigs of thyme, 2 cups white sugar and 2 cups apple cider vinegar, steeped in the fridge for a couple of days before using cheesecloth to filter the figs and thyme out of the syrup.
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Forgot to add that any ideas other than chutney are welcome, too!
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I’d make fancy high-brow fig newtons, adapting a recipe like this.
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I would put that on chicken. Something like this.
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I would cook them down with white wine and maybe some lemon juice, just enough lemon to make your chutney safe to bold in the fridge for a time. I would put in some fine chopped onion and ginger, maybe cracked pepper.
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You might look up some chutney recipes for canning and see if your proportion of sugar and vinegar to fruit are similar in which case follow the processing directions. In fact, checking the Victoria sauce recipe I have, it looks like you almost have a vinegar pickle which is easy to can so check those too.
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