Where can I find the most awesome 20oz Kleen Kanteen?
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I'm looking for a 20oz wide mouth Kleen Kanteen but I'd love to find one that's more fun than the standard colors. Any leads?

I know that lots of coffee shops, ourdoor outfitters, nonprofits, etc, order them personalized, and I'd love to find an aawesome looking one, rather than Kleen Kanteen stock colors. Google sesarch has turned up a few, but if your local coffee shop, or hiking collective has an amazing one, I'm looking for that!
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A few options, although the size varies:
Colectivo Coffee sells a beautiful sugar skull canteen, although sadly it's only 16oz.
I love the 32oz Yellowstone National Park one. Also a 16oz Grand Canyon variety. (They made a beautiful one for Zion, but I can't find it for sale anywhere.)
NPR has a 16oz one (of course).
Summer Moon Coffee offers a 20oz, although the color isn't particularly remarkable.
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I hired a friend to pinestripe one for me. It cost, but. No one else has the same one. (My friends site is inknife.co )
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This goes to work with me every day. Cool matte black finish, and you're supporting an amazing online radio station.
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You can also get one with a custom vinyl wrap; lots of people on Etsy sell them. The ones in the pictures are always the narrow-mouth ones, for some reason, but I suspect if you contacted a vendor and asked, they could easily do one that's wide-mouth. It wouldn't change their process at all.

Depending on the type of vinyl, it should be okay with hand-washing. (I'm currently in the process of testing outdoor signage vinyl in a dishwasher on a Nalgene... it seems fine so far.)
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Just wanted to say, in case it's useful, I've bought two different Klean Kanteens, and they both leaked. The Wirecutter has also stopped recommending them due to consistent leaking troubles. Not to rain on your parade, but I thought they were great until I wasted money on two, so just wanted to share in case it's helpful and you didn't already know.
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