Custom shoe inserts: Upstep, Wiivv, or good 'ol podiatrist?
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I am on the market for podiatric shoe inserts, for comfort and relief of minor to moderate foot pain. I have had inserts made by a podiatrist in the past and they have helped. I have worn through those and am now considering bypassing the podiatrist and ordering directly from Upstep or Wiivv. My sense is that podiatrists themselves use third party services for producing their inserts. It's not clear that schlepping to the podiatrist offers me an advantage. What do you think? Have you used one of these new services?
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Does your insurance pay for them if it is through your podiatrist?
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I used to have custom made orthotic, then I switched to Superfeet. Super happy with them. Maybe give them a try first?
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I have a custom orthotic, but I also use Superfeet in the footwear I use for my athletic pursuits, because my orthotics don't fit inside. I think they're both okay, but the orthotic was actually cheaper, because of my insurance. YMMV.
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Best answer: The value-added by the podiatrist includes the ability to return/replace orthotics that are unacceptable, or modifying them by, say, adding a pad. Also, the maker may be able to produce replacement pair years later. In some cases, it may make them eligible for insurance coverage.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. I contacted the local podiatrist. The orthotics would have fallen within my deductible, costing $700 for the first pair, not including the cost of the visit itself. Whereas Upstep is charging me $300 for two pairs. I'm going to take the risk and try Upstep.
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