How Do ADHD Women Club Together?
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I recently asked this question, Resources re: Inattentive ADHD, and a few of us were wondering about starting some kind of group discussion/chat/club for MeFItes having similar experiences: women, 30s/40s, just recently diagnosed, never treated.

Anyway, I need some suggestions on sites, programs, what have you, hopefully free, that will let us communicate back and forth.

I'm leaning toward an email list where we can chat back and forth, or even some kind of bulletin board, maybe, though I am open to other approaches. We're considering scheduled chats, too, but that could be awkward because of time zones. Suggestions?
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Slack channel! It's free if you don't mind that your archives don't save.

And I'm in; I've got the too-much-stuff panic going on right now.
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A lot of this sort of thing happens on FaceBook, but Google Groups has worked well for me in the past.

And I want in!
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I'm really interested in this! I have a couple books on my to-read list (mostly from the Ask Mefi you linked to). I could post about them in Fanfare (if other folks are also up to reading some of the recommended books). Or some other way to talk about them, if y'all want to take this off of Metafilter.

I'd prefer no facebook. And I'm super interested but have zero organizational skills. Probably because of, you know...ADHD.
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I'm 42 and I've been diagnosed and treated for about 10 years now, but I'd still be totally into an email list or FB/Google group if you'll have me! My ADHD (mixed-type, but mostly inattentive) has been kind of off the rails for the past few years and I've been really struggling lately, especially at work, so I'd love to participate in chats/discussions/etc.
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Slack is really overwhelming for me for some reason, but I’m totally in for something else. I’m on FB but I’m intrigued by the Google Group idea.
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I'm also potentially interested in this.

I feel like most similar groups I've seen run either over Slack or over Discord. They're flexible in a way that Facebook and Google Groups aren't because you can have multiple channels, so there's a place for venting and a place for asking for advice and a place for talking about meds, say, and it feels like people are a little less likely to accidentally step on each other.
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Slack channel! It's free if you don't mind that your archives don't save.

And this is why Discord. Really, there's no reason for something that isn't work-based to be using Slack, but the format itself works very well for this kind of thing.
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I don't have strong opinions on the platform, but I am interested in joining a group like this!
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I’m in the middle of formalizing my ADHD diagnosis - add me in! Slack or discord.
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I'm also very interested, although I'm not familiar with slack or discord and the thought of learning to use them feels a little overwhelming. But I'd still prefer any other channel rather than facebook due to privacy concerns.

Maybe not pertinent to your question, but ADDitude has a general discussion forum with a subsection specifically for topics related to women and girls. I've occasionally browsed some threads but have never participated, so I can't say much about the community.
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Count me in too - I'm in that in between place where I identify with soooo much of it but nothing in my life is an obvious disaster and now I can't tell where normal is. I wouldn't mind those with more experience joining in either.

Totally down for slack or discord or a FB group.

Thank you for this.
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Anything but Facebook would work for me.
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Count me in, please, but not facebook/google.Slack or Discord works best for me.
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I'm in!

Discord or Google works for me.
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Also interested; no strong feelings re. platform
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Also interested; platform agnostic.
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I'm interested (diagnosed about 6 months ago). Of the proposed platforms, I've only used FB, but I'd be up for a different one.

I've got to say that I would probably not participate in an email list chat - I can't deal with that format and my email is barely manageable as it is.
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I'm 44 and was diagnosed at 19, though I've been unable to take stimulant meds since I was 32 so all of my treatment/coping strategies consist of harnessing technology to make me do stuff. I'm interested (if I qualify). Preference for Facebook or Discord; I use Slack for work and would find it distracting to also use it for non-work stuff.
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Me too! Platform agnostic.
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Also interested!

Please nooooo email list because my various inboxes are messy anyway and I wouldn't be able to keep up. Other than that, not sure I have a preference. I don't have Slack at work-- can I just sign up for an account and join the group, if it goes there?
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I'm a little above the stated age range (53), but would be interested in this if that wasn't a problem[1]. For a platform, I side with those recommending Discord.

[1] If it helps, I'm I can be very immature for my age[2].
[2] But seriously, I understand if you want to keep it restricted.
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I’m interested! I would also suggest Discord.
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Is there an age range requirement? I am in my early 60s.
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No age requirement at all!

I was just trying to describe the circumstances a lot of us seemed to be coming from.

I guess the main focus is more accurately: women diagnosed with ADHD as adults.
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I think Slack would be cool for this. It allows you to make separate channels for separate topics. (I'm pretty bad about checking my email and staying on top of email threads. Texting and other communication apps I do fine, for some reason.)
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I’m in! But for the love of sanity, please no email! Facebook can work; I’d be glad to set it up as a private, invite-only group.
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I'd def join a discord group for this!
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I’m in, also platform agnostic
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please not Facebook. I really like the [More Inside] fb group that came sideways from Metafilter and some other adjacent groups but I hate Facebook with fiery suns, less for political reasons than for the interface and general grrrr. Discord/Slack. Just not Facebook.
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I (female, 30s) am dying for something like this -- particularly if it helps me connect with adhd women in my city. Anyway, Slack is great, but if people aren't already using it for work it might die out faster than a google group type of thing where you can get daily digests of messages. In any case, please count me in!
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I would be interested too (but absolutely not if facebook based because of current and future privacy issues).
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So I set up a Discord server for us, Adult Women and ADHD.

Invite link:

I'm also going to set up a Google Group for folks who would prefer something like that - I have somewhat variable Internet access right now, and I know some participants might be on different time zones, or are otherwise not going to use Discord so people who can't/won't do chat have another forum.

Stay tuned.
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