Problems with installing Adobe Creative Cloud on my new Mac
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Why can't I pay for and install Adobe Creative Cloud?

I've been using a version of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that Adobe briefly released for free about 10 years ago: Creative Suite 2. It did exactly what I needed Illustrator and Photoshop to do and it freed me from a history of more dubious versions of PS and Illustrator. Fast forward 10 years and my old iMac started to die and an operating system upgrade rendered old Adobe software unusable. I bought a new iMac and prepared myself to pay for Adobe Creative Cloud but I can't get anything to install on the new computer. Nothing works! Old installers crash, new installers crash, Creative Cloud crashes, it's a mess.

I don't rely on design work to pay the bills so I'm not hugely panicking but I do have a backlog of work that I'm putting off. Is there some reason why Adobe won't sell me the software I want to purchase with money?

I've gone through the Adobe forums and the suggestions presented have not worked. I'm on a 2017 27" iMac running OSX 10.14.2

Any advice (that doesn't involve moving to Windows-based computers) would be appreciated!
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I'm also on a 2017 27" iMac running OSX 10.14.2 with Creative Cloud installed, so there certainly should be major issues getting your running. I assume you've downloaded the latest version of the CC installer. Have you tried setting up a fresh user account and installing it there?

I had an issue with my CC at work and did online chat with Adobe, and we set up a session where they could view my computer and they were able to deal with the issue that way. I wasn't;t super keen on having anyone take over my computer, but I assumed despite what people may think about Adobe, they're not in the business of damaging/hacking their customers' computers.

So, you may want to do an online chat with them.
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When I've had issues like this before, it's because I restored my new Mac from a Time Machine backup of the old one, and it put half the Library files back for some applications but not the applications themselves, and that was enough for their installers to barf out on me. In the end I had to go trawling through all the Library folders on my machine clearing stuff out until it worked. Don't know if something similar would happen with Creative Cloud or not, but might be an avenue to look down?
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