Salsa- Can I eat this Trader Joe's edition (post holidays)
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Hi can I eat opened Trader Joe's Tomato-less Corn and Chile salsa that's been in my fridge since before I left for the holidays two weeks ago?? Thank you!! Hopefully this will be answered ASAP!
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I wouldn't even hesitate, myself. No visual, taste, or texture changes, I presume?
posted by halation at 3:29 PM on January 6

If it ain't got fuzz on it I would gobble it up.
posted by seanmpuckett at 3:30 PM on January 6

Ok I'm taking your word for it, seems fine and found a website that said salsas sold unrefrigerated can last one goes!!
posted by bquarters at 3:30 PM on January 6

yep. enjoy!
posted by Stewriffic at 3:37 PM on January 6

Oh man, I've eaten that after like 2 months in the fridge. You good, fam.
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IME, tomatoes are the first to go in a salsa-type refrigerated dip. So you should be good to go, though obviously proceed carefully if it smells odd or tastes too sour or otherwise off!
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Store the jar upside-down. Salsa lasts a looong time.
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Salsa is deep in my "if there isn't mold on it then it's fine" category so I'm joining the chorus of YES ENJOY.
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I keep an open bottle of this in my fridge all the time, sometimes go weeks without using it, and have never had it go bad.
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I tend to not play too fast and loose with such things but salsa is firmly in the category of "unless it's visibly moldy, eh, it's fine" for me. I would not at all hesitate to eat an open jar of salsa that's been in my fridge for two weeks. And in a lot of cases, longer than that ...
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Yeah, I've eaten TJ's cowboy caviar (similarly tomato-less) after like six months.
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No fuzz? Eat up!
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when salsa (or tomato sauce) is off, you taste it -- too acidic -- or see it -- too fuzzy.
posted by zippy at 8:51 AM on January 7

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