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I am trying to find a fantastic article that I have attempted to find on Metafilter for years now. It was an article written about the nature of robber barons and the West, as well as how cattle farmers took on and subverted the sheep herders and the other agrarian forms. It was written in the 1930's, I believe, was very plain text and made a deep impression on me. I've referenced it in conversation a number of times sense but can't seem to find it. It was partially about how the myth of the Western Wild man was a false premise and that they were largely antisocial humans and were being manipulated by robber barons and banks and that their premise of being free from society was not true, for their freedom was predicated on plundering the West. I think it then said something about how we continue to exploit this mythology about Cowboys and what not but I can't remember. Thanks! This is very vague, I know.
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Maybe it is: The Frontier Club, popular westerns...
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Was it The West Against Itself (1947) by Bernard DeVoto? (Proper link for those who have a Harper's subscription)
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I'm pretty sure that's the one! You are magic! Thank you so much!
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OK so I found out the context for my question as well, it was this comment I had favorited and this was indeed the exact article. Thank you again Freelance Demiurge.
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