Honeywell RedLink Smart HVAC Control Without Outside Access
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We have a Mitsubishi mini-split system with Honeywell RedLink RF dumb thermostats that don't even monitor humidity. I'd like four things: a central controller for all three zones, a smart thermostat that allows us to program "home" and "away" profiles to save costs, a thermostat that monitors humidity and has a dehumidify mode, and it can't be accessible from the internet.

I am fine with a local network WiFi thermostat, but all Honeywell products seem like they must connect back to Honeywell's servers to work. We were looking at the Honeywell Portable Central Controller, the MCCH1, but it is dumb and has no smart features. All of the smart thermostats seem to require internet access. Is there a unicorn thermostat out there that will work with our wireless RF system without forcing us to buy the WiFi gateway and all the security issues that entails?

We don't have wiring for the existing thermostats (they are RF and battery powered), so Nest and the rest of the smart home thermostats are out of the picture.
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How old is your system? Do you happen to know the model numbers of your head units? My company installs Mitsu mini-splits, I can look into this for you. But it would be helpful to know exactly what models you have, because they have different capabilities and they've become much more sophisticated over time.
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It’s from 2015 and it’s a MXZ type with two SEZ-KD and one SLZ-KA. I’m not sure of the exact model numbers.
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