What is this dried fish from the Tsujiki market and how do I eat it?
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My friend just went to Japan and brought me a gift from the Tsujiki market. I love to cook but I'm not sure what this is so not sure how to research how to use it. Any ideas?

Here's the photo of the fish.
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This is what you have (follow the link into Japanese-kitchen.net for more info, and a recipe).
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Looks like dried anchovies. I'd probably try making dashi/stock from it. Here's a recipe.
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You can also just eat them out of the bag, like fishy potato chips.
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The label says gomame, specifically (since one article mentions both gomame and niboshi).
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You can also just eat them out of the bag, like fishy potato chips.

Mix gochujang and mayo, dip and eat.
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Not sure if you can use these glazed ones (probably) but dried anchovy are an important part of twice-cooked japanese pork belly, buta no kakuni. Smells like the end days while cooking but is crazy delicious.
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This particular package of gomame (these are juvenile sardines, by the way) are meant to be ready-to-eat as a beer snack (otsumame). You heat them up in a frypan for about 3 minutes, mix with some peanuts, pour a cold beer and enjoy.

This product is not intended for fish stock. However, you could add 4 or 5 to a bowl of miso soup.

We also ate these for New Year's Day food (osechi).
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You use them to make tazukuri!!

Candied sardines

Traditionally munched on for New Years.
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Yeah, I usually see these in osechi ryori (traditional New Years food). I've always just eaten them as-is.
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