Can you recommend a private area of Aruba with nice beaches?
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Seeking the ideal lodging and beach on Aruba for a two stressed out American couple in their 40s needing a vacation...any advice?

My gf and I are New Yorkers who have never been able to find a truly relaxing vacation or beach that lives up to the photos.

These days we both value peace and quiet. We are curious which section of Aruba would be ideal to rent an AirBNB for a week, walk or bike to the beach, do some occasional snorkeling, and otherwise go for walks and read. We picked Aruba for the cheap direct flight and neither of us has been before. We'd love a decently sized sandy beach.

We've seen a ton of all-inclusive options, casinos, etc, and that's really not what we need.

Any advice at least on which section of the island meets this criteria? Is Aruba even the best bet?
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Manchebo Beach Resort. I cannot recommend it enough. We were just there in October and it’s well away from the bustle of the high-rise resorts and shopping districts, but there’s still plenty to eat and drink. No crowds on the beach, easy to get a palapa for shade, nice and quiet and easy-going. It was perrrfect. Though the pool was under construction, if that matters to you!
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