Help me find these earrings, please!
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Looking for these earrings that Nilou Motamed wore on last night's episode of Top Chef, or similar.
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I found a bunch of similar styles by searching Lucky Brand Turquoise Chandelier Earrings.
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Earrings like this are all over the place, unless I'm missing something specific about what you are looking for. The search term you want is turquoise chandelier earrings, with the word "gold" perhaps thrown in.

Here are results from Etsy. A few that stand out specifically: one, two, three.

There's also a bunch on Amazon.
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Even more like it.
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Here's this from Charming Charlie. I wasn't going to go through all their earring options but they do have designs closer to the ones in the photo though not necessarily in turquoise.
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If you back up one click from the even more like it comment some very reasonable facsimile earrings are right there. A little more texture in the metal.
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Here's how to get close to that look & feel if you want to DIY it. and
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These Kenneth Jay Lane ones have that appeal. KJL works in this style quite often.
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These are close, but very pricey! Maybe someone knows the name of that horseshoe shape to the gold that's in these earrings and the ones you like. That might help, too.
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