Hot sleepers,give me your mattress recomendations
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Have you had experience sleeping hot? Did you switch to another mattress which keeps you cool? What is/was it? Thanks! I feel this hard to figure out through research rather than anecdotes.

Our current mattress (which is in day 60 of a trial) gets heated by a nearby radiator. The old mattress was slightly hot but this is hotter. Both are latex matresses , both firm.
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The original Casper mattress felt way cooler (and more comfortable) to me than the previous high quality pillow top. I can't speak to its reaction to a nearby radiator, however.

Also I've used a buckwheat hull pillow for many years and it keeps me cool and left me with noticeably less neck and shoulder pain in the mornings.
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I can't sleep on latex or other foam mattresses as I get too hot, so I have an old-fashioned spring mattress, firm, no pillow top or other extra padding on it.
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I am the hottest sleeper that ever did sleep. We're talking open window, no blanket in the middle of winter hot. Casper and similar companies will try and sell you on their fancy new-fangled foam and gel products that wick away heat. They might be cooler than memory foam, but in my experience Caspar still sleeps like a muggy, sweaty nightmare for me.

Springs are what you want. No matter how fancy the foam is at the end of the day it is an insulating layer. If you want fancy motion isolation and all that stuff then pay extra for pocket coils if you sleep hot. If you need a comfort layer then I'd recommend getting a wool mattress topper since that regulates heat and moisture better than any cooling gel pad I've ever encountered.
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I have an ikea mattress topper - the Knapstad one - and it has a cooler side and a warmer side. I shouldn't have switched it over to warm for the winter - it is MUCH warmer than the nice cool side.
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I'm a hot as hell sleeper and I got linen sheets and a Saatva mattress, which is foam on top and springs on the bottom, so air circulates better underneath it. A wool mattress topper is also good.
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Hot sleepers need to avoid foam, end of story, not complicated.
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My wife is a hot sleeper (box fan on high in January blowing right at us) and she hasn't complained about our new Leesa mattress.
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Not a specific recommendation, but do you know about Sleep Like the Dead? Heat retention is a category they track!
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Under no circumstance do you want a Tuft & Needle. Support is nice but it's hot af. Like sleeping on a damp sponge. I regret. (I would extend this to all of those online foam mattresses that come in the mail but haven't tried them all.)
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Agreed, foam is a nightmare, as are all the bullshit foamy top layers on fancy mattresses. I sleep hot as hell and my magic combo is the cheapest (aka no bullshit foam layer), firmest old-fashioned coil mattress I could find (I got Englander this time but it doesn't matter), plus a featherbed for cush, plus Bean sunwashed percale sheets for the cool feeling, plus two Pendleton washable wool blankets. Everything in this combo is breathable, and that's the key.
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Definitely recommend a wool mattress topper, this is the style I have and love. I use it over a 2" latex topper and regular coil mattress, and do not wake up covered in sweat like I would otherwise.
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I am also a hot sleeper... And I happen to love being under blankets. I have a normal spring mattress and, for christmas, I got this cooling, weighted blanket. I was skeptical, but wow does it ever cool! Works amazingly.
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The SO and I swear by this. DreamFoam Bedding 2" Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper
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I used to sleep incredibly hot on a foam futon mattress with foam topper, but have not had this problem at all on a Casper mattress. I see that others have the opposite anecdotal experience, but I can only speak to my own experience.
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Wool mattress solved my problem. 100 percent wool.
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Airweave. I sleep hot and prefer a firm mattress, and I'm getting the best sleep of my life on my Airweave mattress. I seriously love it.
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I came to say springs too. I have one of those really dense foam mattress in a box things and I hate how hot it is. I'm going back to springs next time.
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I sleep really hot, and we have a casper. I wake up in a sweat if I manage to burrito myself too well, but no more often than the old spring mattress. I have to have bedding that's fluffy enough to keep open in spots.
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