How do I automatically save liked photos from Twitter to a Google Drive?
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Every time I favorite a tweet with a photo, I would like to save a copy of that photo to my Google Drive. (Or - every time I ReTweet a tweet with a photo, I would like to save a copy of that photo to my Google Drive.) Is there an app or service that would allow me to automate this?
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I can't tell if you can exactly do this because I don't have a twitter account, but my guess is you can get IFTTT to do it.
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Response by poster: The reason I asked this question is because I couldn't figure out how to do it with IFTTT.
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I just tried to do it in IFTTT and I don't think you can use it. The actions with Twitter are super simplified, and you can't get the URL of the media.

The good news is, you can do it in Zapier. I just tried, you can pull practically everything from the tweet. A free Zapier account is extremely limited, but if it's the only zap you do, it's fine.
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Came here to second Zapier. It can be really powerful. I use it to create an rss feed of my instagram photos. A free account can pull quite a few every month without going over limit.
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Response by poster: I'm trying to set up a zap with the format
[when I like a tweet] -> upload the photo(s) in the tweet to Google Drive.

This is the option I chose. "Liked Tweet - Triggers when a specific user likes a tweet."

Then it wants me to "Select Twitter Account" and I put in my twitter handle.

Then it asks me to "Set up Twitter Tweet - username" and I put in my username again.

This doesn't seem to work. It seems to be creating a rule for when I like my own tweets.

Is there something I'm missing that allows me to set it for any tweets that I like?
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Okay, I'm doing it now. I already set up my Twitter, so it's not exactly the same.

1. Make a Zap
2. Choose Twitter as the trigger action
3. Select Liked Tweet
4. Select the Twitter account
5. Input your username
6. It pulls up your last three liked tweets. Chose one with an image inside, it's easier.
7. Choose Google Drive as the action step
8. Select Upload a file
9. Select the Google Drive account
10. 3rd option down: "File (Required)". Choose Entities attached media URL. Use the other options if needed
11. Test it

It worked for me, though to be fair I only tested it on a tweet with one image. I'm not sure how it'll cope if the tweet has several pics associated.
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