Can/should cat have meds before vet visit?
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Mostly asking about Xanax, but also antibiotics.

Moose (cat tax) was in distress and we took a trip to the emergency vet a few days ago. A shitload of worrisome but fairly low-grade issues were discovered (although she had a checkup with full bloodwork just a few months ago and was fine then): kidney, gallbladder, and liver. This is being treated with multiple antibiotics and several organ-specific meds, which are hopefully going to show results soon.

She has an appointment with my regular vet tomorrow morning (Fri.) for complete blood count, liver parameters, blood glucose, and urinalysis. That's what's noted on my documents from the e.r. - I have no idea if there are other tests that might also be run.

Usually I give her a vet-issued dose of xanax before every vet visit. Is that ok to do this time, or will it interfere with any of these tests? The clinic didn't mention this when we set up the appointment, but it was done via email and last-minute because of the holiday.

The upcoming vet visit is in the morning, basically right at the time I've been giving her some of these meds (antibiotics Clavamox and Enrofloxacin). I assume I can go ahead and give her these before the vet visit, but it wouldn't screw up the timing too much if I waited until afterward. They're supposed to be given every 24 hours but I've been having some real challenges with a cat who has caught on to this shit, and hates it.

I would call the regular vet, but I didn't realize they closed early today. I would ask the emergency vet, but they appear to be having a hell of a day and I can't get through.

Tl;dr: Can/should a cat have xanax and antibiotics right before bloodwork and other tests?

Thank you so much.
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As someone who, until very recently, had a cat that the vet's office begged to be dosed with gabapentin before every visit, I'd say do it but make sure you mention it to the vet when you bring her in. They should ask, but if they don't, mention it anyway.
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I can only answer with respect to humans, but the timing of antibiotics shouldn't affect these blood tests.

As to the xanax, one dose also shouldn't impact upon them. My only qualm would be that if your cat is very sick, a sedative might not be as safe for her as usual (again this is based on how I treat humans!).

Beautiful kitty, I hope she feels better soon.
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I came here to say the same as restless_nomad: do it for kitty's sake (particularly the xanax), but be super-clear with the vet about it at the beginning of the appointment. If it will interfere, then they can likely work with you to reschedule the tests sometime early next week (assuming they're the kind of office that builds a small amount of wiggle room into their schedule.)
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I would call first thing in the morning the day of the appointment.
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Thanks all - I should have mentioned that I'm definitely calling the vet first thing tomorrow, and was asking here so as to be able to plan stuff like the timing of meals/medications before the appointment, before the clinic is open. Thanks very much for the help!
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