High-low resources for Spanish learners?
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Hi, looking for online resources for Spanish learners. Ideally would like reading material that is 100% in Spanish and aimed at an adult audience, but with a second grade-ish reading level (not exact, just an estimate.) Current events or LatAm news a plus.
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A couple of suggestions here, found by looking for the Spanish equivalent of the Simple English Wikipedia: Vikidia (might be aimed lower than you're looking for in terms of content) and Mundo (might be higher than you're looking for in terms of language).
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Those are both great. Mundo is surprisingly easy to read compared to other Spanish news sites and works well with my language skills. Vikidia allows me to figure out new vocabulary without busting out the English dictionary which helps w/staying immersed. Thanks much
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The New York Times offers a daily newsletter (with daily news from around the world) en español.
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Newsela! You can choose the reading level and there are a lot of articles in Spanish (though not nearly as many as in English).
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Awesome suggestions, thanks! For others reading, I’ve started practicing reading by watching teenish English soaps with Spanish subtitles and have gotten some good listening practice with Spanish soaps with English subtitles if necessary. Not the most hardcore studying but since I’m watching TV anyway it has been nice practice.
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You may like Muy Interesante. "Ciencia y tecnologia, Historia, Sociedad...." Headlines are sometime a bit sensationalist, but the articles are factual. My Spanish vocabulary is meager, but I can understand a surprising amount. Someone who was actually studying the language would likely do much better.
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