What other music sounds like this?
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I'm having trouble searching for artists/albums with a particular sound. Here's an example of the kind of thing I'm after. It's folky, but not traditional, percussive, acoustic, and upbeat. Please recommend anything similar!

I heard some music like this in a play last night and wanted to listen to more. I'm having trouble tracking down such a specific type of sound, but hopefully the YouTube clip linked gives you an idea.

More specifics on what I like about this kind of music:

- Stringed instruments including guitar and violin
- Modern (I know some traditional stuff sort of fits, but it's not quite the same)
- Specific types of percussion: clapping, hitting guitars or other instruments in an unconventional way, stomping, moving chairs etc. for percussive effect
- Upbeat (there might be slower, quieter stuff that fits, but it's not what I want)
- Driving rhythm (not sure a better way to describe what I mean, so hopefully that makes sense)
- I like it when lots of people join in to sing the chorus, too

I'm totally open to musical theatre or other types of music that fit the sound but aren't straight up mainstream artists.

TIA if you have any recommendations! I've had no luck searching for what I want but I'm sure it's out there.
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Oh, I should add that I'm looking for artists/albums rather than one-off songs. Thanks!
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I would think that the Lumineers would fit most, if not all, of your criteria.
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Maybe Phox, as well.
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Billy Bragg's and Wilco's Mermaid Avenue records, which feature lyrics/previously unfinished songs by Woodie Guthrie: Airline To Heaven.

One of Sigur Ros's founding members, Jonsi, has a solo effort out which includes Go Do.

The Gourds: Ringing Dark And True.

Looking forward to hearing what else folks come up with, as this kinda stuff is My Jam.

(edit: I'm not recommending these as one-off songs; they're representative of the artists as far as I know.)
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Some example tracks from artists who seem close to what you're asking for:
· nana grizol - circles 'round the moon
· Beirut - "East Harlem"
· Basia Bulat - In The Night.
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THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR (i like his solo stuff better than the full band stuff. if it matters, i'm biased, i toured with him a couple times.)
With God On Our Side
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Typhoon! This is a band that I adore so much. It is also the only band that I listen to in the car anymore. They are a large band out of portland. Guitars, hand claps, strings, horns, group sing alongs. They do very upbeat songs, although the lyrics are sometimes pretty dismal.

White Lighter is a great album to start with. Then listen to Hunger & Thirst. Their newest album "offerings" is less of what you are looking for, but still wonderful.
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Ingrid Michaelson
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Langhorne Slim
Noah and the Whale

It's basically indie folk. I stopped listening to the genre around 2010, so two of these at least appear to be defunct (but you may still like them).

You'd probably also enjoy some contemporary bluegrass groups, like The Infamous Stringdusters .
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Thanks for the suggestions so far! A few of these are artists I like, but aren't what I'm looking for right now. Stornoway, Noah and the Whale, and Ingrid Michaelson are all artists I like. The Lumineers I like, but they're not consistently upbeat enough for this specific question. Typhoon I like but their sound can be a bit too heavy.

The example from Mermaid Avenue is great, and Phox is really close to what I want, but again not upbeat/driving/urgent enough.

I think what I'm looking for might be a bit closer to Irish folk music, but I'm looking for something modern and not too traditional sounding. Thanks again for all the help!
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OK, this might not be what you want on a content level, but you've basically described the sound of Rend Collective (example - My Lighthouse), an Irish worship band.
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That is my favourite 21 Pilots song too! Have you listened to Ashley MacIssaic? Mary Jane Lamond sings on that track and you may like her stuff as well. Maybe
Spirit of the West?
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Spirit of the West: try Home for a Rest or If Venice is Sinking.
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Maybe The Young Dubliners or Seven Nations?
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Kinda reminds me of Steve Earle songs. This is an upbeat cover by Daoiri Farrell.
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freethefeet This is spot on! And it's a problem that's plagued me for years. I'm a staunch atheist but for some reason my music taste is decidedly religious. I keep accidentally listening to Christian bands because those are the bands with the sounds I like. At least this might be a good lead for me to go on. Thanks so much!
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I bet you'd like AJJ. The Folk Punk wikipedia page may be worth surfing.
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I wonder what you'd get if you threw the best of these suggestions into Pandora. I like seeing how the music genome project describes what I like since I don't describe it well myself.
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Country Bear Jamboree
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Are you familiar with Bellowhead?
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Mount Righteous: A Little More, When the Child Awakes, The Feeling You Bring (the last one is hard to hear there due to clapping, but you can listen/download on their Bandcamp)
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Maybe Rusted Root (from the 90s) would work? They had one "hit," but if I remember correctly their whole catalog was similar to this: Send Me On My Way

bonus: Spin magazine article that calls them "raggle-taggle gypsy wimps"
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My first thought was the Oh Hellos.
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Watkins Family Hour
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Makes me think of The Avett Brothers.
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Guster Do You Love Me
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