Can a cobbler fix a farting shoe?
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I can’t walk around like “darn shoes! It’s the shoes. I’m fine. It’s this damn boot. Sorry.” They were Frye ankle boots I got on clearance but I’m hoping to get another year out of them. Can a cobbler fix this atrocity?

(Slinks away, farting gently with every left footfall.)
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*cough* Abso-toot-ly. *cough*

If you cannot find an actual cobbler one of the quickie shoe repair places in a mall should be able to do this.
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Frye recommends for repairs. Looks like you could fill out their form and they could potentially help (they do repair work beyond resoling) if there's nothing locally available.
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Possibly a very obvious suggestion but have you tried putting baby powder/cornstarch between the foot bed and the actual inner sole of the boot? That has been the source of all my shoe farts to date.
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:: thinks wistfully of the super-comfy, but super-farty Aerosoles sandals that were, alas, impossible to wear to work in a quiet library::
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