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I once took a personality test that differentiated between Personal and Professional 'types', I cannot remember what it was called. Help?

When I was laid off way back in 2001, one of the things the severance package included was some time with an HR consulting group. In addition to resume formatting and the like, they had me take a couple of personality tests, the real MBTI a Strong Vocational inventory, and a couple of other things. One of them included some really interesting results, showing how you like to relate to other people, whether you like planning, or loose guidelines.. but it included that same graph for both in your Personal life vs. your Professional life. Mine was pretty drastically different, basically I need a 'boss' and clear detail in work, and hate those things in my personal life.

My problem, I cannot remember what this test was called. I cannot figure out how to find it via Google. I was hoping someone in here would have some experience with these kinds of tests. Any ideas?
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Could it have been the DISC profile?
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DISC is also my guess, especially if you drew the graphs yourself (i.e., plotted out the scores for different things by hand, then sketched a line between them).
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Could it have been the Birkman Method?
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Could it be Insights?

It didn't quite have personal and professional 'types', but it did have a 'conscious' and 'less conscious' distinction. I understood it to be a bit like codeswitching - you might be more introverted naturally, but made sure to put in the effort to be more extroverted in working situations.
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It was Birkman! I recognize the graphics, and the "Stress Behavior"

Thank you everyone.
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