Find me a cloth magic wallet!
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Where can I find a magic wallet (popular at j crew) that is cloth instead of leather?

A few years ago at Urban Outfitters I bought one of those magic wallets that "magically" holds in your money and such. The outside was made of cloth as seen here. Since then I have not been able to find a similar wallet. Please help! I asked at Urban, but they no longer carry this.
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I haven't seen the cloth ones lately, but I imagine if you're crafty it wouldn't be tough to make one yourself.

I have one so if you decide to be crafty, I can tell you how to set up the rubber bands.
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J Crew has silk ones, but the insides are leather. Are you looking for no leather at all, or is leather inside ok?
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Would you be adverse to making one?

Here are instructions on making the toy that is similar.

A pattern for sewing a cloth one.

And another.

I would use elastic insteead of ribbons, and you can always add extra pockets like the picture you linked to.
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Torrid sells cloth ones.
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I believe it depends on the local store. I have two magic wallets, one I got 2 years ago, and the other 2 months ago from New Haven Urban Outfitters and last time I checked (last month) they had new wallets. You should check other Urban Outfitters stores or ask them whether they are planning to bring some more. [I hope I'm not too late for the reply :)]
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