Overthinking Adzuki Beans
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I have obtained some adzuki beans. What is the best recipe to showcase them?

Adzuki beans showed up at my local coop and I got a bunch. I like beans and someone recommended I try them out a couple months ago, but I can’t ask that person for more info. I believe these are the red beans that make red bean paste in Asian cuisines. I tried them out in a vegetable stew last night but the beans got lost under a boatload of cumin and turmeric. What is a good recipe to use these in where I can actually taste them? I have an Instant Pot and I don’t mind soaking overnight if necessary.
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Most red bean recipes involve putting the paste as a filling amidst some kind of starch, e.g. mochi or tangyuan.

I think the Portuguese also picked up on beans-in-sweets through their nautical activities, so you could also try Portuguese Bean Tarts.
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Very generally in Japan adzuki beans are eaten as a sweet. For example, you can fill a bun or mochi with sweet anko paste. You can also eat with mochi in a sweet broth. Another good one is adzuki beans with gelatin (coffee gelatin sometimes) as a dessert condiment.

I tend to think properly preparing adzuki beans is advanced-level Japanese cooking, since they're integrated with other distinctly Japanese things like mochi that are also somewhat technical to prepare. So I myself would only attempt to cook with them -- Japanese style -- under the supervision of my wife, whose hobby is cooking.

You'd also need to get your hands on Japanese sugar -- wasanbon -- if you can, although that would be tough to do outside of Japan.
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Riding the New Year's train: My Japanese in-laws make red bean rice this time of year.
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Easiest recipe I can think of is hong dou tang, red bean soup. It's a dessert that can be served hot or cold. It can be pureed or served with the beans intact, and add-ins such as little rice balls are common. Just google the phrase and you'll find a ton of variations on the same basic concept.

If you've ever made tamales, zong zi is sort of the same idea, and not terribly difficult.
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> I tend to think properly preparing adzuki beans is advanced-level Japanese cooking

Making the smooth anko is advanced but tsubuan is pretty easy. From there making taiyaki, dorayaki, or zenzai is pretty simple as well.
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I made this soup from Veganomicon about ten years ago but I remember enjoying it.
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Adzuki beans are mostly about their fudge-y texture not their taste, which is kind of generically bean-y.
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I've made and enjoyed this recipe for Osekihan (Japanese red beans and rice) from Just Bento. Don't skip the gomashio-- it's essential.
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If you're in a place where it's cold Korean Patjuk is a delicious and warming this time of year.
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You could make koshian and then turn it into mizu yokan.
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