Rural Queer Resources
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It is my birthday this week, and am thinking of raising money for lesser known, regional lgbtq resources, especially for rural or suburban folks. I already send money to abortion clinics in South Dakota, lgbtqa resources for migrants in Brownsville, Rural Aids Networks in St Cloud, and Just Detention International--those kind of resources! Bonus points for communities less served, including people of colour, the marginally housed, and Canadian spaces. Thanks!
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Queer Appalachia!
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Southerners on New Ground ( sounds like it would be up your alley.
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I was also coming to recommend Queer Appalachia, they are a really great group and their instagram is delightful.
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Wow. Stopped in to say Queer Appalachia and their indeed delightful Instagram and see they're already well covered. (FYI say app-uh-LATCH-uh, not the other way.)

Happy birthday!
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Outright is in Portland, which is the biggest city in Maine, but it's still Maine, so it's not that big. They also provide a lot of support for queer youth in rural areas.
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The Short Mountain Sanctuary and IDA are rural radical queer communities in Tennessee. Short Mountain is a Radical Faerie thing, and IDA is (I get the impression) younger and punker. IDA puts on a music festival that's supposed to be pretty great, but also has a bunch of activist goals.

I'm only familiar with these communities via friends who have gone to Idapalooza or stayed there short-term for fun, so I can't really speak to how effective they are as a resource, but they might be worth looking into.
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I was also going to recommend SONG and Queer Appalachia, I've been to events organized by both groups and they're doing a lot of local good where I'm at!
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