More crime shows please!
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So this question was me 3 years ago. I've worked my way through most of the suggestions and I need more crime shows to watch. Details below the fold...

Parameters: Same as before. British (a little flexible here but I find our friends across the pond do crime shows best!) detective crime shows, good character development, etc etc. I watched most of the suggestions in the previous question, but surely there are new ones out there? I discovered No Offence, which I love for the dry humor. Any new favorites to recommend? I do have an Acorn subscription, Amazon Video and Netflix, as well as Xfinity (comcast) and don't mind getting another subscription if I can be guaranteed a never ending supply of Brit/Scandinoir crime shows.
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Life on Mars (original British version only!)
Some of these look interesting.
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Almost finished watching River with Nicola Walker and Stellan Skarsgård so some Scandi too.
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Line of Duty
Killing Eve
And seconding Shetland
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I don't know how serious you want your cop shows to be exactly, but I cannot recommend Comrade Detective highly enough, and No Activity in its original Australian was an unalloyed joy to behold (I'm so glad they got a chance to make a US version, but that somehow fails to translate well). Terriers' single season remains wonderful. If you don't mind a period piece, I remember Copper being enjoyable. At least the first two seasons of Banshee were a gleefully gratuitous hybrid of cop show and heist procedural.
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I highly recommend the New Zealand show The Brokenwood Mysteries. British-ish, though with different accents, but very small-town — very much like an NZ Midsomer Murders (which are British and which you should definitely check out if you haven't already). Very humorous without sacrificing they mystery or aspects of the police procedural. They just finished their sixth season, so there are 24 episodes to watch.
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Yeah, Line of Duty. I was surprised no-one mentioned it in the last thread.

Poirot is normally recommended as a “cosy” option but the BBC did a 3-part adaptation of The ABC Murders for Christmas this year which has John Malkovich (!) as Poirot and turned the whole thing into a much sadder and bleaker tale than previous adaptations.
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Deadwind (Finland)
Trapped (Iceland)
Montalbano and Young Montalbano (Italy)
Zen (UK, set in Italy)

Seconding River and Shetland.
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I don't know if Bodyguard will fit your requirements but it's the best thing I've seen this year. Involves crime and detection, but also assassination and terrorism. It's on Netflix.
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I was just looking at a review of best 2018 crime shows. Maybe some of these will work for you.
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I just finished the first three seasons of Shetland and it was riveting. CW for sexual assault in season three.
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Vera, starring the unequaled Brenda Blethyn.
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Hinterland was recommended last time but there are more seasons available now on Netflix than there were then. Based in Wales and I liked it a lot.

Secret City and Deep Water look like good matches for you - based in Australia though. Both are on Netflix.

You might want to check out Walter Presents. It’s another subscription service like Acorn. I haven’t bit the bullet yet on it so to speak but I believe that they specialize in Scandinavia crime shows.

They’re starting the second season on Acorn of Agatha Raisin right now - I think they’re up to epi 2. Super fun.
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The Tunnel, which is a collaboration between BBC and Canal+. I've only seen season 1, but couldn't stop watching.
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The Blue Rose and Striking Out on Acorn TV. Breaking Out is not exactly a crime show, but I enjoyed it.
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+1 to Hinterland extra seasons, The Tunnel (which starts as a remake of The Bridge but does its own thing), River, Trapped and Secret City.

More recs, not necessarily British but not US anyway. Some I watched a while ago but remember liking.

- Mystery Road (Australia, Acorn) Two young men go missing, one an Aboriginal footy hero and the other a white backpacker. This is a TV series spin-off of two movies, and well worth a watch. Judy Davis as the local law enforcement is great.

- Les Témoins (The Witnesses) (French, Netflix). The second series is a bit odd but first is great.

- London Spy (UK, Netflix). Really loved this one.

- Marcella (UK, Netflix).

- Paranoid (UK, Netflix)

- Tabula Rasa (Belgium, Netflix).

- Le Forêt (France, Netflix)

Slightly off-beat in that they have some kind of supernatural premise, but are basically realistic apart from that:

- Erased (Japan, Netflix) has a time travel premise but is otherwise basically realistic, with a young man going back in time to find the serial killer who he suspects winds up murdering his mother and framing him for it. There is both an animated and live action version, I watched the live action one and liked it a lot more than I expected to, mostly because of the actors.

- Hôtel Beau Séjour (Belgium, Netflix) A girl is murdered and tries to figure out who killed her. Some of the living can still see her, but most can't.

- Dark (Germany, Netflix). More time travel mystery.

- Glitch (Australia, Netflix). Some of the dead come back to life, not as zombies but just normal. Except there are a couple of differences. High drama though.
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Unforgotten, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar. Available on Amazon Prime.
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I really liked the Red Riding trilogy; it's set in northern England in the 70s / early 80s. Very dark, and the dialogue can be a challenge to understand, but really well done. (Not a series, but 3 made-for-tv movies.)
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Low Winter Sun. The US series was based off a British miniseries, I believe, and the lead actor was the same in both. It didn't get very good ratings and lasted only one season, but I liked it a lot.

I should check out the original, now that I think about it.
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Tin Star. It's a joint British-Canadian production and stars Tim Roth as the new police chief in a rough oil town in the Canadian Rockies. His character is also a former undercover detective who's seen and done some stuff back in England. The second season starts in January 2019.

Seconding Bodyguard. Though it involves crimes, it's more of a political thriller.
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Single-Handed, set on the Irish coast. Worthwhile just for the breathtaking scenery; excellent overall.
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Death in Paradise, for sure.
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River is so, so good. I may even do a rewatxh on that one.
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Scott and Bailey - female Brit cop partners, solving crimes and sorting out their lives - sometimes the life-sorting part can get annoying, but overall very good.

Case Histories- Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter's Lucius Malfoy, sort of a British Jon Hamm only sexier) as an Edinburgh private detective, co-stars the wonderful Amanda Abbington.
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Yes- River is great- another thumbs-up for that one.

YES for London Spy.

Also- The Night Manager starring Tom Hiddleston. VERY good.
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Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda is true-crime reenactments with narration by the original detective. Oddly engaging.
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Seconding The Bodyguard, and I just remembered The Level as an awesome show that I'd forgotten because we binged it between seasons of Line of Duty and all these British cop shows with Ashes to Ashes alums started to run together in my memory. But it was really hard-hitting, and the relationship between the main character and her estranged father punched us right in the feels here in the Harehousehold.
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